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Dolphin dx3 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner


Today, more and more products are going green. Did you ever think a swimming pool cleaner would be considered green? Well, Dolphin has come with a Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner that is Eco Friendly. The Dolphin dx3 actually costs less than 5 cents per hour to clean you pool. Dolphin dx3 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

The estimated amount of time it would take the Dolphin dx3 to clean a pool up to 40 feet in length would be 3 hours. So you would only be paying 15 cents to clean your entire pool. Isn’t that better than standing over the pool cleaning it yourself or hiring an overpriced company to do it for you?

The Dolphin dx3 offers scrubbing, vacuum and even filtering features. So for as little as 15 cents you can have a professional job with a robotic swimming pool cleaner machine. The Dolphin dx3 comes with an extra powerful brushing performance that will leave you happy every time. The dx3 offers a large self-contained inner filter bag that will pick up and hold dirt, debris such as sticks, leaves and even pebbles. There is no installation with the dx3 and the best part is that you don’t have to connect it to your existing swimming pool filter. Another great feature of the Dolphin dx3 is that is has a self-programming system with pool scanning options. The machine can actual program itself to perform in the most efficient way possible.
Dolphin dx3 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner
The dx3 uses very low voltage and has a low energy consumption that equals out to 15 cents for a 3-hour pool cleaning. The best part is that you never have to lift a finger except to place the Dolphin dx3 in the water. The Dolphin dx3 actually decreases the need for backwashing your pool that is usually recommended when you vacuum. The dx3 can help you conserve water as it filters and cleans over 4,000 gallons of water per hour.

The Dolphin dx3 offers a cleaning cycle of three hours, it ha a cable length of 55 feet and a suction rate of 4, 233 gallons per hour. The motor voltage is 20 VAC and power supply is IP 54, Input 115 VAC and an Output less than 24 VAC. The Dolphin dx3 is not only designed to give your pool a professional cleaning but at a price that cannot be beat anywhere.

Maytronic’s, the manufacturer of the Dolphin dx3 offers a 24-month warranty for spare parts and labor. The warranty is voided and there will be no warranty coverage if the Dolphin dx3 was purchased over the web. Check their website for their local dealers nearest you.


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