Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters are a different type of water heater; if you are looking to replace your old water heater, consider an Eternal Hybrid. These water heaters are one of the cleanest gas burning water heaters in the industry today. The company has been around since 1976 where it started in Taiwan and has been in the United States since 1985.Eternal Hybrid Water Heater

This technology can save you money on your monthly water and energy bills but it is also will provide you the hot water that you need for washing clothes, washing dishes and taking showers.One of the premier models in the Eternal Hybrid inventory is the GU26DV; this is a Direct Vent model that has a sealed combustion system that utilizes the main air coming in and not any secondary air from the heat exchanger. This means that the units be enclosed in locations where as the power vent models require additional combustion air to operate properly. The Model GU26DV can be installed for either residential or commercial applications. This model has a modulating burner system that ranges from 47,500 to 180,000 BTU’s. The gallons per minute range from .01 to 15.8.
Eternal Hybrid GU26DV Water Heater
This water heater has an Air pressure Sensor that will monitor the balance of the intake pipes and the exhaust pipes. This will provide the homeowner with extra reliability and for peace of mind more safety. The unit has a manifold with 2 parallel units that can be utilized for commercial applications. If a larger application is needed there are 3+ units with an optional Multi Controller available. These units are able to hold an 86% energy efficiency using the company’s patented counter flow technology.

The GU26DV has a technologically advanced multi pass heat exchanger that can provide hot water faster than any other tank water heater on the market. It is actually faster than a tankless unit used on multiple applications at the same time. The efficient design lets the lower exhaust temperatures to stay low so the hybrid can be installed with ABS, CPVC or PVC piping. This will save you money on the installations.

This water heater has an indoor installation only recommendation. IT is preprogrammed for Natural Gas but a Liquid Propane conversion kit can be purchased if you prefer. The reserve tank is made from a durable stainless steel, which is maintenance free and has a self-cleaning system. Imagine how much money you will save on a water heater that doesn’t require any maintenance? These hybrid water heaters are a great way to get hot water hot and fast. These water heaters are faster than the standard tank water heaters and they are great for the environment.

The Eternal Hybrid GU26DV comes with a 20 year no leak warranty on all residential installations and it comes with a10 year no leak warranty for commercial installations. To find out more on these hybrid water heater, you can contact the company, check out their website and click on the Contact Us page for more information. Isn’t it about time that you save money on your water bills and energy bills rather than have them cost you money?