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Rheem HP50RH Super Efficient HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater


Rheem has been serving the residential and commercial consumer for over 50 years. They have been honing in on advanced technology for heat pumps for the last 30 years. They have a commitment to helping their customers and potential customers find the best and most efficient water heaters and products for their homes. Rheem wants to see the consumer save money on their energy bills and not waste money. That is why they have worked endlessly to bring to you the Rheem Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater. This Heat Pump Water Heater is unlike any other on the market today.Rheem HP50RH Super Efficient HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater

This water heater Rheem says works like a refrigerator in reverse. The heat pump will take out the heat from the warm air and then increase the heat with the compressor and provide heat to the water and it gets rid of the cooler air. How much more efficient can you get? The Rheem Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater offers hot water when you need it and it will deliver the hot water faster and more effectively than a standard electric water heater. Now is the time to start thinking about whether or not your old water heater is getting the job done. Do you have to wait more than 3 minutes for the hot water to come up so you can take a shower? If your water heater is not working properly then you know that you are not getting enough hot water to get your dishes or even your clothes clean.

Having a water heater that can deliver the hot water when you need it and can save you money is well worth the time in taking a look at the Rheem Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater and seeing what it has to offer.

Special Features of the Rheem Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater

The Rheem HP-50 is the most efficient water heater on the market today, it has an industry rating of 2.0 as the Energy Factor which is double what standard water heaters are rated at. This water heater includes an advanced heat pump technology that works to bring you energy efficiency of 2.0. It has a very simple to use LED Touch Pad that has control over the three energy efficient settings of Energy Saver, Normal and Electric Heat Only.
Rheem HP50RH Super Efficient HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater
The Rheem HP-50 Water Heater is a great way to heat your water for new homes as well as replacement water heaters already installed in homes. The HP-50 can be installed in either the attic, basement or even the garage. Since the heat pumps are likely to cool the area where they are installed, they will work more effectively and more efficiently in a warmer location. Keep in mind that Rheem suggests that you install the heat pump in an area that has 1,000 cubic feet of air space surrounding the unit.

This water heater is easy to install just like a traditional electric water heater. It used a standard 3/4″ NPT water inlet connection, a 3/4″ NPT outlet connection and a 3/4″ condensate drain connection.

Specifications of the Rheem Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater

The HP-50 Super Efficient Energy Star Rated Water Heater has some impressive specifications such as a 50 gallon water capacity. In Energy Saver Setting the first hour of water is 62 gallons per hour and in Normal Setting the first hour is 72 gallons per hour. The average annual cost to run the HP-50 on an Energy Saver Setting is about $248 that is just about $22.00 per month and in Normal Mode the annual average cost is $330. How can you beat that?

The Unit has a brass drain valve, easy to access side connections for easy installations. It has a heat pump temperature range of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit has a built in freeze and overheat protection system for extra long life. The water heater has a stainless steel resistor elements as well as an easy to access top mounted washable air filter.

The Rheem HP50RH Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater also has a 2-1/2″ Non CFC Foam Insulation for added protection and for maximum efficiency. The water heater has a premium, reisistored anode rod that will protect the water heater from sediment build up and rust and corrosion, thereby lengthening the life of your water heater. The unit will need an 8″ top clearance for maximum air circulation. The electrical supply on the HP-50 is 240 volts single phase.

Choosing the Correct Efficiency Setting

The best way to maximize your water heater and start saving money would be to have the water heater set on the right setting. The Rheem Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater has three settings, the Energy Saver, Normal and Electric Only. How will you know which setting is right for you? Here is a break down on what each setting has to offer, choose the right setting that best suits your situation.

The Energy Saver Setting is the most efficient setting on the HP-50 Water Heater. This setting works by taking the warm air from the surrounding air and then concentrating the heat and passing through to the water. This setting allows the water heater to have a 2.0 Energy Factor rating, which happens to be one of the best ratings for a water heater. The first hour of hot water can be compared to what a normal 50-gallon electric water heater usually provides.

The Normal Setting is used when you want hot water on demand. When you choose this setting the heat pump and the electric will run only as needed and this can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. This setting provides a 1.5 Energy Factor rating and in the very first hour of use, it will equal what a 65-gallon electric water heater can offer.

The Electric Heat Only Setting is provided to guarantee the availability of hot water without using the heat pump at all. The HP-50 will go back to the Energy Saver Setting after a two-week operation run on the Electric Heat Only. But you will have to reset the unit if you do not wish to use the Energy Saver Setting.

How the Rheem HP-50 Water Heater Works

This highly efficient water heater is unlike any other in the industry. When the Rheem HP-50 is set on Energy Saver, which is the water heaters highest efficient setting, the pump will automatically operate for the storage of hot water in the following sequential order:

First the fan will pull through the top of the air filter, as this is happening the heat in the air is pulled into the refrigerant, which is 100% Eco friendly. Then the refrigerant will travel through the evaporator coil and the cool air will then be released. Once this happens the refrigerant is then pumped through the compressor, which will increase the temperature of the water. At the same time the cool water that is located at the bottom of the tank is pumped into the top of the water heater. Here it will re-circulate through Rheem’s patented condenser coil.

The hot refrigerant will then transfer the heat to the water that is waiting in the condenser coil. The heated water is then transferred back to the top of the tank. Now each setting are controlled at the same time by an advanced circuit board that is built in right behind the touch pad. When the water heater is set in Normal Mode the heat pump can work side by side with the electric element when there are periods of when hot water is in demand. When the heat pump is set in Electric Heat Only, the heat pump is disabled and the water heater will run just like a regular electric water heater that has 2 heating elements.

Benefits of the Rheem Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater

There are a great many benefits to using the Rheem HP50RH HP-50 Water Heater. This water heater does not just have a 2.0 Energy Factor rating but the unit is also Energy Star Rated as well. The HP-50 is one of the highest efficient rated tank water heaters on the market or in the industry. There are plenty of benefits to all those who install the HP-50.

The benefits for Homeowners are that with double the efficiency than other water heaters, your annual hot water cost can be reduced by over half of what it would normally cost you per year to run your water heater. With the touch pad you as the homeowner can actually choose the water temperature as well as choose the right setting. If you check with your utility company there may be a rebate of some kind for installing the Energy Star rated HP-50 HP50RH Water Heater.

The benefits for Contractors to use the HP-50 are that is easy to install which will save you money on the amount of time it will take you to install the water heater. Just like a standard electric water heater it has all of the same connections, there is nothing fancy or special about the installation. The unit is a narrow 21″ inch diameter to help installers to place the unit in the chosen area fro the maximum amount of energy efficiency. Plus you can order this water heater right from your Rheem distributor.

The benefits for Builders are that they are always on the look out fro products that will help sell their homes over other homes on the market. If you had a choice of having a standard energy factor electric water heater or a HP-50 with double the energy efficiency for your home which would you buy? By using highly energy efficient products it can reduce the cost of the home as well as help save the new homeowners hundreds of dollars every year.

Rheem HP50RH Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater Energy Efficient Zones

The Rheem Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater can be used efficiently and effectively in all areas of the United States. The maximum efficiencies will be found in areas of the United States when the unconditioned air temperature will range from 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There are three Zones in the United States that Rheem has created for maximum use of the HP-50 Water Pump.

In Zone One which looks to cover the West Coast States like California, Washington, the East Coast from New York down to Florida and some of the lower Mid West states. In Zone One, the heat pumps will be used an estimated 90 to 100% of the time. In Zone Two which covers the Central Mid West States to the Eastern States, the heat pump will be used an estimated 60% of the time with the electric heating elements being used 40% of the time.

In Zone Three which is the Mid West States from the West to the Northern States will use the heat pump an estimated 50% of the time and the electric heating element will be used 50% of the time.

As you can see the Rheem Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater is a high performance and a high quality water heater. It has the highest energy factor rating in the industry. It has three effective and efficient settings to choose from, Energy Saver, Normal and Electric Heat Only. Each has its own merits and each will work best in the right situation. The HP-50 can really help you save money on a monthly and yearly basis. Wouldn’t you want to do what you can to save money and these days we need very penny we can save. Taking a look at the Rheem Super Efficient HP-50 Water Heater is a step in the right direction.


  1. People who use propane to make hot water should seriously consider taking advantage of the 30% tax credit for this Rheem hybrid heater. My old water heater consumed about 307 gallons of propane a year (“energyguide” yellow stickers). This was costing me about $900 a year for just hot water. A new ge “energy saver” water heater, for example, would still use about 260 gallons and “energy saver” standard water heaters don’t qualify for the 30% tax credit. A tankless water heater would still consume about 200 gallon a year of propane, but entail significant installation costs. Switching to this heat pump water heater would save me about $700 a year in energy costs (propane v. electric).

    That is, while it cost me $3000 for the water heater, installation and bringing high voltage electricity to my furnace room, for a fair analysis, this big investment figure needs to be reduced by (a) 30% ($900) tax credit for the water heater and its entire installation costs and (b) the $800 I would have to spend to replace my old water since it was getting old; thus, my net after tax, additional investment came out to (3000 – 900 -800) to $1300 — which equals two years energy savings.

    All of the work was performed through my local Home Depot (my local Lowe’s didn’t want to touch running an electric line from the fuse box to the furnace room). I’ve got a 12 year extended protection plan. Using the heat pump alone mode, we all had very hot showers in an hour. When the heat pump compressor kicks it, it makes a quiet buzz that does not disturb me. In fact, if the a/c fan is running, I can’t even hear the Rheem compressor, when it kicks in, unless I put my ear to the water heater. It does just fine in the furnace room of a three story townhouse and its compressor doesn’t kick in that often.

    Without the tax credit, next year you might want to also give consideration to a standard electric water heater. But, if you can utilize that credit this year. I’ve also learned that putting in an electric line for a water heater isn’t that difficult or expensive. While I expect the cost of the heater to decline in the coming year, I would take advantage of the tax credits this year.

    For me, there is the additional benefit of getting away from depending on oil and the propane produced by refining oil. Since there are so many alternative ways to generate electricity, as compared to making transportation type fuel, I don’t mind using a little bit more electricity (2200Kwz a year) from the power plant. In fact, I think I’ve save that much electricity energy by simply switching to low power light bulbs. We are living in interesting times and I’m waiting for the day that I can replace my furnace which consumes about 500 gallons a year of propane.

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