Maybe you have seen the late night infomercial or maybe you have seen an ad online but one thing is for sure and that is the EdenPURE System is one quickest rising products. More and more people are using the EdenPURE System to heat their homes. The EdenPURE System is an exceptional space heater. By using an EdenPURE Heater you can guarantee that your heating bills will be reduce by at least 50%.EdenPURE Heater Review

Once you read all about this heater you can also check out the Iheater Infrared Portable Heater which is also another type of heater that may help you lower your heating bills and keep your home warm. Many space heaters cause fires every year but with the EdenPURE Heater, it is safe due to the new Quartz Infrared Heating System. This system will never allow the heater to reach temperatures that are capable of starting fires. But the EdenPURE Heating System is one of the safest space heaters on the market today.

The EdenPURE Heater only gets a bit warm on the outside of the unit. It will never get hot, so it is safe enough to have with pets and small children. In addition to providing a great heating system, the EdenPure System can also help with your health. With other heating units like furnaces and other space heaters they tend to cause dry skin and they dry out the sinuses causing bloody noses.

There are 2 different models of the EdenPURE Heaters. The GEN3 Model 1000 and the Gen3 Model 500. The Model 1000 offers a Front Panel Push Button Controls, an ABS Co-Polymer Cabinet, which helps protect the heater. The design itself is made from galvanized steel on the inside and the outside is made from a polypropylene shell. The unit is compact with 17″ in height, 13″ wide and 18″ in depth. This unit is rated for about 5000 Btu’s, 1483 amps and 12.5 amps.
EdenPURE Heater
The GEN3 Model 1000 works with a IR Remote Control and can heat up to 1000 square feet. It does have a filter that needs to be cleaned periodically but it can be cleaned with warm water or even a vacuum hose. The filter is removed easily from the back of the unit and can be reinstalled just as easily. The GEN3 Model 500 offers a heating capacity of 2300 Btu’s and 300 square feet. The design of the GEN3 500 is made with a polypropylene outside and a galvanized steel inside. This will prolong the life of the heater on both the inside and the outside. The unit has a temperature adjustment panel that is easy to locate at the back of the unit. The unit works with a manual on and off switch and has a Copper Heat Exchanger. These units are made to conserve energy and save you money on your heating bills.

One of the best features about the EdenPURE System is that they can heat the room evenly. Most space heaters only heat the area surrounding the heater. But EdenPURE circulated the heat to work from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. There are no cold spots with this heating system.

This system is quickly becoming the best selling heating system and air purifier in the industry. One of benefits of using the EdenPURE System is that it is able to heat more than one room at a time. You don’t even have to place the heater in the middle of the room as you do with most other heaters. You can use the EdenPURE system in the corner or the room or near a wall and you will still get the maximum efficiency from the heater. But the amount each room gets will depend on how much space is available in each room. The EdenPURE System is perfect for heating all rooms in the house but it is not recommended for use in the bathroom or laundry room because of the amount of moisture that is used in these rooms.

One of the best parts of this product is that it can last about 10 years. Most space heaters do not have a life of more than 5 years or so. You are getting a great product that can actually save you money. Everyone who has tried these units has had nothing but great things to say. The main compliment is that the heating capacity is excellent. EdenPURE is not available ins stores yet but you can order online. The company offers a one-year warranty and a full factory warranty. If you want to save money on your heating bills and you want to improve the air quality in your home then look no further, you want to invest in an EdenPURE System. You will happy you did.