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Crown Mega-Stor Indirect Water Heater


The Crown Boiler Company has some great Water Heaters in addition to their inventory of boilers. One of these water heaters is the Mega-Stor Water Heater. The Mega-Stor is perfect for a residential application or an apartment house or even a commercial building. The Mega-Stor can help circulate enough water pressure for showers, dishwashers and washing machines. This water heater is a Hydronic Product and in comparison with oil or gas fired system, the Mega-Stor comes out to be more efficient.Crown Mega-Stor Indirect Water Heater

The Mega-Stor Indirect Water Heater is more efficient because the Mega-Stor actually saves you money on fuel costs; the water heater uses hot water from the boiler and uses it to heat the water to the shower. Less water consumption and less fuel are being used. Crown Boiler stands by their product so much that they has given the Mega-Stor a lifetime guarantee. The water heater is a stainless steel tank and coil, which is much better against leaks. The Mega-Stor water heaters are available in different sizes ranging from 26 gallons to 119 gallons.  These heaters are perfect for both residential and commercial buildings.
Crown Mega-Stor Indirect Water Heater
One of the best features of the Meg-Stor is that the unit actually keeps the water hot and heats the water fast. This is due to the stainless steel coil that is designed to transfer the heat through the water heater tank. The recovery rate of hot water from shower to shower for example, is three times quicker than gas, oil or electric heaters. The reason why the Mega-Stor is able to keep the water hot is because the water heater is insulated with a 2″ thick layer of foam insulation. This also contributes to the efficiency of the water heater. It is important to read the specs sheets, for example, on the spec sheet for the Mega-Stor Water Heater is an Important Note that reads, that in some locations it is required that the indirect water heaters will have a relief valve capacity more than 200,000 Btu’s but these heaters must meet all of the ASME requirements. It is very important to read all of the sheets.

The Mega-Stor is considered to be a strong construction; the outside shell is made for a high impact plastic that is dent resistant and strong. These water heaters actually allow more gallons of water in hour after hour (recovery time) than other water heaters. When replacing a water heater it can be a little hard to understand what you need. You want to make sure that the water heater that you choose is recommended for your applications. They should be energy efficient and they should have impressive specs. Ask your Crown Boiler Representative any questions you may have. Crown Boilers only offers their customers the best products with the best technology and design. Crown Boiler cares about their customers and strive to the best in the business. Next time you want to replace or install a water heater, take a look at Crown Boilers, they are not just boilers.


  1. I have a Crown CXE series gas boiler that was installed about 6 years ago. Suddenly, it’s beginning to discharge water. I manually held open the relief valve for a few seconds to see if there was any sediment holding it open, but no change. I also observed that when the boiler fired up for a minute or two, the pressure gauge went to 30 and that’s when it discharges. How do I reduce the pressure or whatever else needs to be done?

  2. There are two possible causes for this. The most common one is failure of the pressure reducing valve (PRV), which is the interconnection between the “closed” hydronic system which includes the boiler and the building’s plumbing system. Normally this is set to about 14-15 p.s.i.,and is mostly used when filling the system after installation of a new component. Once the system is filled and pressurized to the point that it can support the weight of the water to the highest point in the system, it stops admitting water. If it fails to do so, the pressure increases past the setting of the relief valve, and it opens and dumps water on the floor.

    The other cause applies to boilers outfitted to provide domestic hot water, either via a “tankless coil” inserted into the boiler or via an “inderect” water heater containing a coil supplied with hot water from the boiler. Should either of these coils develop pinholes or leaks, plumbing system pressure will backfeed into the boiler, raising its pressure past the relief valve setting.

    • It is easy to diagnose. Turn off the valve in the supply line to the boiler; if the PRV is the problem, you will no longer see the pressure coming up. If it still is increasing, the next step is to shut off the isolation valves for the zone supplying the coil of the indirect water heater (if you have an indirect) or the cold-water shutoff valve to the tankless coil (if so equipped. If the coil (tankless or indirect) is the problem, you will see the pressure rise stop in its tracks.

  3. I have a Crown MS-53 that was installed when the house was built in 2007. When should I look to replace the MS-53? If it still has a long lifespan, what maintenance should I be performing and how often? Thanks.

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