The Tobago Oil fired Boiler from Crown Boiler offer a system that provides hot water heat in a slew of different sizes. The Tobago Series has 9 different size boilers. They range in boiler sections from 3 to 5. Their heating capacity has arrange of 80,000 Btu’s and 238,000 Btu’s per hour.Crown Tobago Oil Fired Boiler

The way this boiler was designed is to provide Crown Boiler customers a reliable and dependable boiler system. These boilers are easy to maintain which will save you money on repairs and the cost to operate the boiler in fuel and energy will certainly save you money in the long run. One of the best features of the Tobago Oil Fired Boiler is that Swing Open Burner Door Design. This allows all access to the combustion chamber and the burner nozzles. This makes cleaning and inspection is as easy as 1-2-3. The Tobago Boiler has a split jacket that gives total access to the flue passages to the heat exchanger. The boiler is also powder coated to help insulate the boiler allowing the system to run more efficiently.
Crown Tobago Oil Fired Boiler
The heat exchanger has a wet leg design, this means that the heat exchanger encloses the combustion chamber on every side; this helps prevent heat loss when the heat transfer is in place. Some other great features of the Tobago Series boiler is that they have factory installed Oil Solenoid Valves, Drain Valves and ASME Relief Valves. The Tobago Series comes fully assembled and is ready to be installed. No parts or boiler sections all over the floor in your basement, no more return trips for your technician just one boiler ready to be fired up. Crown offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Hot Water Heat Exchanger. Crown also offers an optional Front Mounted Tankless Coil that is used on Domestic Hot Water Units.

Some additional features of the Tobago Series include a Temperature and Pressure Gauge, a Large Cast Iron Flame Inspection door, a Combination Aquastat Relay and a Less Coil Boilers that have a Cast Over Front Section. It is very important to never change any of the locations of the valves on the boiler or change the structure of the boiler. The reason is that if you alter any part of the boiler it will affect or void the warranty. The second reason is that you can affect the way the boiler runs.

All of the Tobago Boilers are 100% percent tested before they leave the factory. Crown Boiler does not release any product until it has been tested. Crown Boiler is a leader in the heating industry for a reason. They produce quality products as well as cost saving boilers and their dedication to Customer Service is something they pride themselves in. Next time you are replacing an old boiler, look at Crown Boilers they are one of the best in the business. They have Oil Fired Boilers, Gas Fired Boilers and even Combination Gas and Oil Fired Boilers.