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Buderus G125BE Low NOx Residential Oil Boiler


The G125BE Low NOx Residential Oil Boiler is a high efficiency rated boiler with an Energy Star Rating of 89%. This boiler also offers lower pollution levels and even weather responsible energy management system. The G125BE boiler is based on the original G115 boiler, the leading seller of the Buderus inventory. When you order the Buderus G125BE Low NOx Residential Oil Boiler, you will receive the Logamatic Controls, the BE Low-NOx Burner, Buderus Boilers patented GL-180M Flexible Cast Iron Construction.Buderus G125BE Low NOx Residential Oil Boiler

By using the special material GL-180M you are almost guaranteeing that the boiler is protected against thermal shock. Most boilers have a refractory or what they call a target wall, but Buderus does not use these items, because they believe that they are heat-eating product. Their systems will provide more heat without the refractory to the target wall. In the G125BE you will find that the boiler sections are secured with beveled steel push nipples. As the boiler is lit and the heat comes through the system, the push nipples will expand and create a watertight seal around the boiler sections, this allows the water to remain inside the boiler and it will allow the boiler to be more efficient and save you money in the long run.
Buderus G125BE Low NOx Residential Oil Boiler
The G125BE comes with a Logamatic 2107 Control Device; the best feature of this device is a microprocessor-based controls that are programmed to take care of the heat and the domestic water in one place. The 2017 Control device has 16 standard functions; some of them are the Domestic Hot Water Priority, a Condensate protection, DHW Recirculation pump, an LCD Display, vacation Mode and an outdoor reset. There are some other options available as well; you can get a room sensor that has the capability to control a mixing station for a mixed temperature application. While some of these features are standard there are some features that are technologically advanced. A good example of this would be the Premixed fuel and air combustion. This helps lower the amount of NOx as well as help finish the combustion and the stability of the burning of the oil.

Some other technological advances are the High Efficiency 10 Micron Filtration and the Flue Gas recirculation for the completion of the gasification of the oil plus the boiler will help produce a cleaner combustion and better efficiency. You will need some special clearance requirements as you install your Buderus G125BE Low NOx Residential Oil Boiler. You will need a front clearance of 24″, a side clearance of 15″, a rear clearance of 20″ and a top clearance of 6″. There is about 18″ of galvanized pipe with 1″ of flex insulated oil venting. There are three different models of the G125BE Series, Model G125BE/21 has a Gross Output MBH of 72,000 and it is a 3-section boiler. Model G125BE/28 has a Gross Output MBH of 96,000 and a 4-section boiler. The last model is the G125BE/34 has a Gross Output of 116,000 and it is a 5-section boiler.


  1. I have a Logano g125/28be oil furnace. Where I bought it, they called it a blue flame furnace and whoever works on it has to be certified. Last year that guy quit and this company never got anyone else certified. So now I can’t even get it cleaned. I am wondering if I could just change the burner and make it a regular furnace.

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