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Crown Aruba 3 Gas Fired Boiler


With the heating season right here, many homeowners are trying to save money on their heating bills. One way to do that is to replace your old boiler that costs you a lot of money in the winter and install a new, more energy efficient boiler that will save you money in the winter. One of those boilers is Crown Aruba 3 Boiler. This is a gas-fired boiler designed for residential heating systems.
Crown Aruba 3 Gas Fired Boiler

There are 9 different models in the Aruba Series; they range from 37,000 Btu to 295,000 Btu’s depending on the size of the boiler. The Aruba Series is available in 2 boiler section models up to 10 boiler sections. Each model is just as efficient if not more so than the next. There are so many great features of the Aruba, the heat exchanger is made from a strong Cast Iron material and the burners are made from stainless steel. The Aruba 3 has some other features that pertain to their performance. The Aruba 3 has a built in draft hood that is designed to help installers, place these boilers in basements with very low ceilings.
Crown Aruba 3 Gas Fired Boiler
The Aruba 3 has dependable and good quality Honeywell Controls, Honeywell is one the leading companies that provide controls for boiler companies. The boiler is insulated and protected with Fiber Glass Insulation. BY using Fiberglass you are help to decrease the amount of heat loss, which happens in the heat transfer. The better the insulation the better the efficiency. The Aruba 3 has a high performance circulator pump, making the water flow through the system more efficiently.

There is a factory installed Aquastat that is installed right into the heat exchanger, the aquastat will get a better response from the boiler with the new location of the device. The Aruba 3 is not just known for their great performance but for their safety features as well. One of these features is that the boiler can be installed right on a non-carpeted floor. The Aruba Boiler comes fully fabricated and ready to be installed. The Aruba 3 has a Spill Switch that detects any venting problems that the boiler may have. There is also a combination high limit and circulator relay control that will help regulate the water temperature.

The boilers are tested for flame value, they check for any gas leaks and they test the controls for the boiler. If the boiler does not run with 100% efficiency then the boiler doesn’t go out. Installed is a Rollout Switch that will help notify you when there is a blockage in the heat exchanger. The Boiler also has an ASME relief valve set at 30 psi. The Aruba 3 Gas Fired Boiler can be used with either a Natural Gas or a LP gas. The Aruba 3 boilers are rated for efficiency starting from 80% up to 80.7%. There are limited lifetime warranties on the burners and on the heat exchanger. When replacing your old boiler with a new one, think Crown Boilers and the Aruba 3 Series.


  1. Have a crown aruba boiler that is making noise after one of the zones had to be replaced. Does this mean I need a new boiler, or can it be repaired?


    Mike Killeen

  2. I have a crown aruba furnace that does not ignite. The electric pilot works but it is getting no gas. Could this be the control valve? or can it be something more involved ?

    Thank you in advance for the website and for your response,
    respectfully and thankful, Robert A. Adamo

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