Crown Boilers is one of the most recognized names in the heating industry. One of their more popular boilers is the CT FREEPORT Series. There are 8 different models in the CT Series. They range from anywhere from a IBR Net Rating for Water of 80,000 Btu’s per hour to 249,000 Btu’s per hour. All of these models have the number of boiler sections that go between 3 and 8 depending on the size of the boiler. The CT Series Boilers are homes with chimneys.Crown CT FREEPORT Series

In addition to the CT Series, Freeport also has the ODP series. There are 3 different models in the ODP Series. The ODP is rated for new home construction, for older homes with chimneys that need a lot of work and for homes that are converting from electric to oil. The ODP Series range in IBR Net Rating Water Btu’s of 79,000 to 130,000. The boilers in the ODP Series are equipped with 3 or 4 boiler sections. The difference in the two series is that the ODP Series has a special type of venting and clearance system. The venting systems need to meet special requirements before they can be installed. Make sure you ask your HVAC or Crown Boiler Rep as to what these special needs are before purchasing an ODP boiler.
Crown CT FREEPORT Series
Both Series have almost same standard features. Both the CT and the ODP Series have factory assembled Cast Iron Boiler Sections. These will help with making your boiler last a bit longer in years and it makes the boiler more energy efficient. On both series is a Hi Limit Aquastat Relay Combination, Installation Manuals. These manuals are very helpful when installing your boiler. Make sure that you read them through before you attempt to install the boiler.

You will also have a circulator pump installed on both series. As well as an A.S.M.E Relief Valve that is always set for 30 psi. Every part of these boilers are quality parts and the burner is no exception, you can have your choice of either a Riello Burner or a Beckett Burner, two of the best names in the industry. In addition you will have a refractory Insulated Hinged Front Door with Sight Glass, with the position of these parts not only are you getting a high efficiency boiler but the Sigh Glass is in the perfect location for easy maintenance or inspection.

Only on the ODP will you receive a Differential Pressure Switch, a Refractory Lined Combustion Door (perfect for better boiler efficiency). The ODP Series comes equipped with a Carlin Burner with an Interrupted Ignition with a 30 second Pre and Post Purge (the perfect safety features). The ODP has an energy efficient rating of 85% AFUE. Next time you are looking to replace or install a new boiler, think of Crown Boiler. Consider the CT or the ODP Freeport Series. They are designed to save you money on your heating bills and they are very safe for the home and the environment.