The Carlin Oil burner is one of the leaders in the home and commercial heating industry. When most plumbers and oil companies install new oil burners these days Carlin is the choose by far for many. The reason being is that Carlin offers leading edge features on there burner products.Carlin Oil Burners Troubleshooting Guide

Carlin is the leader in combustion technology and they prove that with the Carlin EZ-Temp 90524 oil burner. The EZ-Temp burners features a microprocessor-operated control system, easy switching from triple limit to cold start, circulater with built-in low water temperature settings, easy-wire terminal strip and diagnostic / status indicating LED lights to make troubleshooting a breeze for the burner technician. Troubleshooting a Carlin oil burner will require a licensed oil burner technician to come to your home or place of business.
Carlin Oil Burner
Repairing or troubleshooting a Carlin oil burner is not something that should be done by anyone that is not licensed to do so. Once the Oil burner technician arrives at your oil burner he or she will do some of the following: Check The Carlin Burner Nozzle For Clogs The oil burner service tech will remove the burner nozzle from the Carlin oil burner and then replace the nozzle. Most often the burner nozzle can become clogged from the oil in the tank. This usually happens when the oil in the tank starts to get low.

Adjusting the Carlin Oil Burner Electrodes:

The Carlin Oil Burner Service Tech will also adjust the electrodes on the Carling oil burner. These electrodes need to be adjusted and usually are during an oil burner tune up. Sometimes the electrodes will also have to be replaced because of old age or normal wear and tear.

The Flame Adjustment On the Carlin Oil Burner:

One of the other things that the Oil burner service technician will do when he is working on your Carling oil burner is so adjust the flame. The Oil burner flame is adjusted by the air intake and some other adjustments that only a licensed technician should do, this is not something that the average person should be doing.

How To Troubleshoot The Carlin Oil Burner?

The best thing to always to when your Carlin Oil burner fails is to call a licensed service technician to come out to the residence or business so they can repair the unit. Many people often hit the reset button only to find out after they do so more then once they become “locked out” by the Carlin oil burner. Once they are locked out they will have to call a oil burner company. The Carlin Oil Burner Unlocking codes are only for professionals use and if the burner is locked out chances are that something is seriously wrong with it. If you are a professional then you can head over to the professional section at Carlin and then they can give you the unlocking codes if you do not know them already.