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Energy Logic Waste Oil Boilers Buyers Guide


Energy Logic has been serving the commercial heating industry since 1984; they have been one of the leaders in the industry since 2002. They have a complete line of products from waste oil furnaces to waste oil boilers. Some of the benefits of using the Energy Logic Waste Oil Boilers is the efficiency. The used oil systems will help create more BTU’s per hour as every gallon of used oil is being utilized. Another great benefit is reliability; the Energy Logic Systems are 100% reliable. They have an exact control system that works consistently with very little maintenance needed.Energy Logic Waste Oil Boiler Buyers Guide

The Energy Logic Boilers are extremely durable and the company uses only the very best and high grade materials. The boilers are backed by a limited lifetime warranty too. Perhaps the best part of the Energy Logic Boilers is that they do not cost that much to operate. Combine the reliability, efficiency and the durability and you have one of the most effective waste oil boilers in the industry. These used oil boilers have a patented on the major internal components.

Some of the standard features of the Energy Logic Boilers are the Integrated Air Compressor; this air compressor is just a part of what makes this unit a self contained unit. It will not rely on the air in your shop for anything at all. There is a PTC Pre-Heater, this is a patented pre-heater will heat up the oil as it goes through the nozzles, this will prevent clogging. There is a flame retention head, which can guarantee a more controlled flame and a reliable combustion system.

There are so many boilers for businesses on the market but how many of them are contributing to the Green movement. The used oil boilers are generating a free energy source and they can offer a more effective and more efficient way to heat up your business. Let’s take a look and see what Energy Logic Boilers are available.

Energy Logic Waste Oil Boiler EL 200B

Energy Logic Waste Oil Boiler EL 200B
The Energy Logic Waste Oil Boiler Model EL-200B offers BTU input of 200,000 per hour and a water output temperature of 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The most common used fuels that would work well with your EL-200B Boiler are crankcase oils, automatic transmission fluids, number 2 fuel oils, diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid. These boilers are UL listed and feature an integrated air compressor, barometric damper and a draft gauge. There are different size fuel tanks available on this unit.

The electrical requirements on this boiler are 115 volts, 60 Hz and a 20 amp dedicated circuit. The fuel tank is a single wall with a 250 gallon workbench. There are double wall workbenches available too. The heat exchanger is a wet floor based design. This means that the heat exchanger is totally cooled and it will eliminate any hot spots and metal deterioration. The unit has a rear panel access panel that makes a straight through cleaning.

The domestic hot water output is 4.0 gallons per minute at 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature water rise. The fuel meter pump offers an exact metering with a wide range of fuels that can be used with this boiler. The EL-200B has a PTC pre-heater which is a patented pre-heater that heats the oil before it runs into the nozzle block. The solid state technology let’s the system has a better heating control, which will result in a better combustion system.

The boiler capacity is 30 gallon and it has compact dimensions of 45 inches in height x 32 inches in width x 50 inches in diameter. The unit is an ASME Certified Vessel Construction, which is heavy duty carbon steel. This boiler is a more corrosion proof than most boilers. The Fuel Pump System is a STEADYFLO, which doesn’t need any manual adjustments, and they provide a level of preciseness when it comes volume delivery. The EL-200B offers a Domestic Hot Water Coil that offers dishwashers, showers and restrooms with the right amount of hot water when needed.

Energy Logic Waste Oil Boiler EL 375B

Energy Logic Waste Oil Boiler EL 375B
The Energy Logic Waste Oil Boiler is designed to be used with automatic transmission fluid; you can use crankcase oils, hydraulic fluid and number 2 fuel oil up to 90-weight gear oil. The domestic hot water output is 6 gallons per minute at a 100 degree Fahrenheit temperature rise. There is a domestic hot water coil that allows hot water for showers, restrooms and dishwashers when you need it. The EL-375B can save you money on your heating bills and save provide the necessary heat when you need it.

The EL-375N is made from a heavy carbon steel construction. It is stronger and more efficient than other cast iron boilers. These boilers have an energy efficiency rating of 80%. The EL-375B is an ACCUTEMP Pre-Heater heats up the oil before it gets into the nozzle block, therefore it blocks a residue build up. The solid state technology lets the unit provide an accurate heating control that controls with more efficiency in the combustion system. Some of the other features on the EL-375B are the Barometric damper, draft gauge and an hour meter.

The Energy Logic EL-375B has a patented Flame Retention Head, which ensures that a controlled flame works best to provide the maximum efficiency of a better combustion system. The unit has a 2.7-gallon fuel flow rate per hour and a BTU input rating of 375,000 BTU’s. The water temperature output on this used oil boiler is 230 degrees Fahrenheit. This boiler has a tank capacity of 43 gallons. The measurements on this unit are 50 inches in height x 28 inches in width x 54.25 inches in diameter. There is a single wall 250 gallon workbench but a double wall workbench is available. The electrical requirements are 115 volts, 60 HZ and a 20 amps dedicated circuits.

Energy Logic Waste Oil Boiler EL 500B

Energy Logic Waste Oil Boiler EL 500B
The Energy Logic Waste Oil Boiler Model EL-500B can be used with crankcase oils, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, diesel fuels and a number 2 fuel oil. These products are UL Listed, this model has a single wall 250 gallon workbench with a double wall workbenches are available. The electrical requirements for this waste oil boiler are 115 volts, 60 Hz with a 20 amps dedicated circuit.

The EL-500B offers a 3.6-gallon fuel flow rate per hour and an input BTU of 499,000 per hour. The water output temperature is 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The boiler has a capacity of 52 gallons. The unit is made from a heavy carbon steel construction. These boilers are stronger and more efficient than most cast iron boilers. These boilers also have an energy efficiency of 80%. There is a rear panel with access for straight through cleaning. The EL-500B has a small footprint that will save space with installation. There is an ACCUTEMP Pre-Heater, which makes the combustion system work better than most. The Domestic Hot Water Coil will provide businesses with hot water for bathrooms, showers and dishwashers with reliability. The domestic hot water output is 8.0 gallons per minute. The unit is measured in 45 inches in height x 32 inches in width x 68 inches in diameter. The unit weighs about 1550 pounds.

The Energy Logic EL-500B waste oil boiler uses a STEADYFLO Fuel Pump System that doesn’t require any type of adjustments required. This system will allow a more precise fuel volume delivery. These boilers are low cost and that can help in these times. There are some other features included in this boiler are the air compressor which allows the heater to be a self contained unit and without having to rely on the shop air. There is also an hour meter, draft gauge and a barometric damper. These boilers are effective and efficient when it comes to waiting up your shop.

In addition to the Energy Logic Furnaces and Boilers there is a 130-gallon workbench storage fuel tank, which is sold separately. Storage tanks for the furnaces and the boilers can work perfectly for applications such as in-floor radiant heating, car and truck washes, paint booths, ice prevention, heating, hot water, potable water and supplement systems to HVAC. These units are optional but they can provide a better efficiency and deliver a more effective heating system.

The storage tank is also available in a 250 gallon storage tank too. If you are looking for an additional storage tank for your waste oil furnace then look to Energy Logic. These sturdy and reliable storage tanks that are made from a sturdy stainless steel material. They will work well with any of the Energy Logic Furnace such as the EL-140H, EL-200H and the EL-340H. It is ASME Certified, which meets with the NFPA standards too. There is a 3-year warranty on the storage tanks.


The Energy Logic Boilers are the best in the waste oil industry. Their products can be used with automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, diesel fuel and number 2 fuel oil. These boilers have a 3-year warranty on the parts but a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger. These boilers are sturdy, dependable and reliable. They are best used on commercial shops where a very large space needs to be heated. Most often commercial businesses lose a lot of money on their utility bills but with the Energy Logic Boilers they are a safe and effective way to heat your business.

If you would like to purchase an Energy Logic Used Oil Boiler then log onto the website and find the Learn More link and click on Find a Dealer. Then fill out the information and the company will have a representative call your company within 48 hours. Find out all of the information on the model boiler that may work best for your business. You can talk about prices and professional installation. It is important when finding a waste oil boiler or any type of boiler to do some research not just on the boiler that you are considering purchasing. Energy Logic’s customer service will be able to help you find the information you are looking for and more. Contact them today.


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