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Hayward Super Vac Vacuum Head


Wouldn’t it be great to start the season off right with new vacuum equipment? When was the last time you changed your vacuum head or your vacuum hoses? It has probably been too long. Now is the best time to buy, so why not get a jump on the summer cleaning of your swimming pool. Spend more time in the pool than cleaning it.Hayward Super Vac Vacuum Head

Hayward is the leader in swimming pool products including vacuuming equipment. Try starting with a new vacuum head; one of Hayward ‘s premier models is the Hayward Super Vac Model SP1068. You many not think that vacuum heads really make a difference, but the do. You want a vacuum head that is durable and won’t crack the second it bumps into the pool wall. You want a vacuum head that is capable of picking up dirt, leaves, small sticks and small pebbles.

The Super Vac from Hayward is available in three different models. The SP1068DL comes with 3-pound weights. The Model SP 1068 comes without the weights. Hayward also sells a weight pack separately, Model SP1068FA. The Hayward Super Vac has a 360-degree swivel hose connector that was designed with flexibility in mind.
Hayward Super Vac Vacuum Head
The Hayward Super Vac has a smooth and contoured shaped that allows cleaning in crevasses and in straightaway parts of the swimming pool floor and corners as well. There are many vacuum heads that do not have this flexibility. The head and frame are made from a Dural Plastic that is also transparent so you can see through the vacuum head as you are vacuuming. The Hayward Super Vac offers adjustable weights, you can add a weight or remove a weight, the weights range in size from 40 to 88 ounces. The Super Vac head is easy to clean, easy to move around and it is made to last you many seasons to come.

When you set the Hayward Super Vac with the 40-ounce weight, you will find the vacuum head to be more flexible and will require less effort when you are using it. If you have a larger swimming pool pump, you may not need the weights. Try to use the vac without any weights. On the other hand if you have a smaller pool pump you may need the weights for a better cleaning.

If you discover that the vacuum feels like you are struggling to move it, remove two sides of the weights and if the vacuum head lifts in the front during a power vacuuming then add more weights to the front. It may be trial and error before you find the right working conditions for your Hayward Super Vac, but when you do, you will be glad you did. The Super Vac comes in two main parts, the upper and lower body. They will become joined together by a locknut. Try not to over tighten the locknut. Then you will have to install the swivel hose connector, this is simply done by removing the locknut and place the hose connector then replace the locknut. Test the connection by noting if the vacuum head flows without trouble.

You will need to set the weights in place; on the lower body of the Super Vac you will see that there are tabs to place the weights. Then you will see on the upper body a place to secure the weights. If you are doing a first time vacuuming then it would be considered to be a heavy vac, it is recommended that you use three weights and for those touch up vacuums, you will need one weight. Read the manual to determine how many weights you will need. If you want to get a cleaner swimming pool, the Super Vac from Hayward is just what you are looking for. This vacuum head is durable and dependable. You won’t have to replace the Hayward Super Vac for many seasons to come. It really is a great investment that you shouldn’t pass up.


  1. do you have parts? my mother’s super vac has been wonderful but the neck piece that goes into the pole broke. I have tries super glue and gorrella glue but they both break down with the clorine and /or water.
    we do not need the whole vacume head just the piece that broke. she is 89 and does not want to buy a whole new head.

    • Hi Gail,

      The good news is that you can buy replacement parts for these heads. You can find them online or at your local swimming pool supply store.

      Let me know if you need more help.


  2. Our pool was installed in 1988 and the bristles on the vac head(origional) have worn out. We are unable to find a suitable replacement. Tried the see thru plastic model, but weren’t impressed. The old one was a one piece plastic triangle with implanted bristles and it was rugged. Is there anything out tyhere comparable to our origional?

  3. Pool installed July ’10. Contractor supplied all acessories, including a Super Vac Vacuum head by Hayward.
    Product worked very well.Having changed over to Salt water this year,it destroyed the bristles in the head within 3 months.
    Also kept in Pool House out of the elements.
    Good thing is they have replacement brushes for around 40.00 Cdn, Rather than purchasing the whole head for $80.00.(WHOA)
    Hayward should re-think their Brush supplier for this model.

  4. I need a “quik-snap handle bracket” for my Super-Vac SP1068. Where can I get one and how much will it cost?

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