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Bradford White Defender Safety System Review


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe Defender Safety System Water Heater Systems are atmospheric vent water heaters. The Defender System comes in 75 gallon and 100 gallon models. The system can be used with Natural Gas or Propane Liquid Gas. The system has some great standard features such as The Advanced ScreenLok Technology Flame Arrestor Design; this design was created to prevent flammable fumes from igniting outside the boiler.

The Water Heater has a Resettable Thermal Switch; this switch is tested and proven to be a steadfast switch that stops the burner and the pilot operation from continuing if there are flammable fumes in the combustion chamber. This is a great safety feature. The water heater comes with a Piezo Igniter, it a more modern style of igniter. Some of the older boilers are hard to light but the Piezo Igniter is easy and safe. All you have to do to light the water heater is simply press a button. The tank is made from a heavy gauge steel that will prevent the tank from rusting and corroding. There is additional rust protector on the boiler; it is the Magnesium Anode Rod. This combination of rust protectors will prolong the life of the water heater for many years to come.

The Defender Water Heater has a Sight Window, this window allows the owner to see into the combustion chamber and it allows you to actually see the burner and the ignitor, perfect for troubleshooting any issues with the function of the burner. The System has a Vitraglas Lining; all water heaters from Bradford White are protected against any elements that may corrode the water heater. The lining is made from a ceramic porcelain like coating. In addition to the Vitraglas Lining, the tank is insulated with a 1″ Non-CFC Foam. By protecting the water heater it also increased the efficiency of the water heater.

The Defender System has 100% Fully Automatic Controls. These controls include an automatic temperature selection board. You can change the temperature with just your fingertips. There are built in energy shut off switches that will stop any unusually high water temperature from setting in. The water heater also has a built in gas pressure regulator. The Defender System also has a factory installed Hydro Jet Total Performance System. This system was design to help reduce the amount of deposit that is left from the cold-water inlet from forming on the tank and it will also help to increase the amount of water in the first hour of delivery. Bradford White is a leader in the Water Heater Industry; their products are safe and reliable. They are designed and created to help homeowners save money by creating high efficiency products. The Defender System is just one of the premier products in the Bradford White products. They are committed to customer service and they are committed to bring to their customers, everything they will need to heat their homes with confidence and with money in their pockets.

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