With heating season here, many homeowners are converting their old boilers to more energy efficient boilers. Weil McLain has an extensive inventory of Gas Fired Boilers. One of their best boilers is the GV Gas Boiler, this series of boilers are available in 4 different models, GV-3, GV-4, GV-5 and GV-6. They have a water net rating range of 53,000 to 133,000 Btu per hour.Weil McLain GV Gas Fired Boiler

The GV Series Boilers can be used for Residential Homes, Commercial Buildings, Multiple Boiler System, Schools, Hospitals and Radiant Heating just to name a few applications. The GV Series is designed with the combustion area located at the top portion of the boiler. These boilers have a high efficiency rating and a one of a kind design that prevents the boiler from building up with sediment. The GV Series are installed with Elastomer sealing rings in the port openings in the boiler. These seals form a watertight seal and prevent water and minimal heat loss from escaping the boiler. These seals also provide a high temperature sealant that is formed between the ground joint sections, which guarantees gas tightness.
Weil McLain GV Gas Fired Boiler
Contributing to the efficiency of the boiler the GV Series has a Low NOx Emission Technology. This works by the boiler’s premix technology and the combustible air with the gas before the boiler lights at the burner, this lessens the amount of NOx emissions from the boiler. The GV Series is a direct vent system; this means that the boiler vents have to be vented directly outside without additional piping. This can be done by piping through the wall, roof or an unused chimney. The venting itself is made from stainless steel; by using stainless steel you are prolonging the life of the system. It is also rust and corrosion proof. Another great feature of the GV Series is that it is a Seal Combustion Boiler. This simply means that the boiler will use the air from the outside for combustion purposes. The benefits of having this type of system is that the boiler can and will lower your fuel bills. The air filtration from the system gets rid of any problems that are normally caused by irritants caused by indoor air. A Sidewall Vent Kit comes as standard equipment on the GV Series Models.

The simple advantages of having a GV Series Gas Fired Boiler is that they are equipped with a propane conversion kit. All you have to do is change the orifice plate to convert to propane. The plate comes with the boiler. You will also get a Hot Surface Ignition System; this will increase the number of reliable starts by the boiler to 100%. Other standard features of the GV Series gas Fired Boilers are a Blower Assembly with an Observation Port, a 30-PSI ASME Relief Valve, a Water Temperature Limit Switch, Drain Valve and Insulated Extended Jacket, which will help with the boiler’s efficiency. These standard features plus a lot more will guarantee you a cheaper heating bill and it will save you money in the long run.