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Bradford White Aero Series Water Heater


Bradford White has an extensive inventory of reliable water heaters, perfect for today’s economy. The Aero Series Water Heater is one of these great products. The Aero Series is an Energy Saver Oil Powered Water Heater. It is available in 5 different models ranging from 32 gallons to 50 gallons. This water heater has the capacity to oil heat water up to 3 and 4 times faster than other water heaters.Bradford White Aero Series Water Heater

The Aero Series Water Heater is a compact system that can easily be installed in any size basement. You do not need to have a separate oil storage tank when you install this heater as a residential application. The high efficiency water heater is insulated with a 1″ Non-CFC Foam Insulation that is applied around the tank itself, thereby saving money on energy as well as preventing heat loss. A Fiberglass Insulation that offers protection with a thick coat around the tank and combustion area protects the combustion chamber and the tank. You will notice more heat and maximum energy efficiency.
Bradford White Aero Series Water Heater
Part of saving you money on the heating bills is the protection the water heater gets from the insulation but the second part of saving money is installing top of the line parts. In the Aero Series there are New Beckett Burner installed. These burners can work with up to 5% of Bio fuel and that is compatible with water heaters. The Beckett Burners are 120 Volt, Single Stage with a multiple firing rates. If you prefer Carlin or Riello burners you can choose one of those but you would have to go to their distributors.

The Control System is a dual immersion aquastat that comes with the burner. The controls are easy to read and the owners can regulate the water temperature. The water heater has the Bradford White Hydro jet Total Performance System that stops any sediment from building up. The water connections are the standard 3/4″ NPT. They are 100% dielectric fittings that will definitely expand the life of the boiler. By not having to use abnormal size connections, it will make the water heater run better because the installation is a direct install.  The tanks are made from a heavy gauge stainless steel. The Ceramic Fiber Combustion Chamber is used to guide the flame to a smaller but hotter fire and a quicker and more efficient heat transfer.

The Aero Series has a flexible stainless steel flue baffles, these baffles will maximize the heat that gets absorbed by the tank and will reduce any heat loss that may escape. There is a 6-year Limited Tank Warranties with a 2 year limited warranty on parts and the burner. Bradford White is a name recognized in the water heater industry. Their products are reliable and durable and they are energy efficient. You will be getting your money’s worth. If you want to look at the other Water Heaters from Bradford White, log onto their website.


  1. I have to buy a whole new water heater because you don’t offer a replacement tank for my aero cf40t I hate the waste of having to replace my perfectly good areo oil gun. So as a protest I will be buying a different brand of water heater in the near future even though the areo has given me an acceptable length of service.I hope this teaches you a valuable lesson questions or advice call 315 493 1345 Jeff Christman 4541 old state road carthage ny 13619

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