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Trane XV80 Oil Furnace


Trane oil furnaces are manufactured by industry leading company who has been in the market long time. Its design and perfomance has already
proved the best quality product lines out there loved by most American households where they need rigorous ad efficient heat delivery system.

Trane Oil furnace – especially model XV80 has a good AFUE rating of 85, which means that your fuel will be directly converted up to 85%.
This is very good rating when you consider buying a new model or simply replacing old one for various reasons. Using energy wisely not only
give you a comfort during harsh weather, but also gives you a great rewarding returns in the end.

As for the materials used on each part, they have been tested out in a rigid testing environment that would meet not only industry standards, but result in the best performance producing products when assembled altogether. The main body portion (Heat exchanger) where the heat transmits all the time is made out of rugged, 13 gauge steel, and it features weld-free design. Also the main heart of the furnace – the Beckett flame retention oil burner is considered one of the top choices in the industry – will deliver long life cycle at its core and has been time tested and proven #1 in the market.Trane-oil-furnace-XV80

Its awarding winning variable speed Trane heat blower also deliver every single corner of the entire house, removing uneven spots with steady flow of heats. You will also like how quiet it runs when the outside is freezing cold. When it becomes summer, the comfort-R feature of XV80 furnace will give you automatic humidity removing advantage, so that air will circulate without much of temperature differences at the beginning.

In addition to the inside parts, its durable stell cabinet design and color will give you a sturdy look and strong confidence at the basement, as well as cleanable filters with high performance and easy maintenance workload all the time.

The Trane XV80 product line usually comes with four different size model, ranging from 70K to 115K BTU in the capacity. Also its limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and regular 5 year limited warranty will be helpful for any home owners who are looking for strong and proven oil burner product as an investment in their house.


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