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Top 10 Questions about Clogged Bathtub Drains


The bathtub drain is the most common drain that gets clogged in most households and even in commercial places like hotels , resorts etc. The bathtub drain usually gets clogged with hair or sometimes even small soap chips.

There are also other reasons why the bathtub drain might be clogged like for example if the house is real old and has galvanized pipes. galvanized pipes build up “pipe scale” and after a long period of time this scale build up clogs the pipe completely.
Kohler Trip Lever
The Bathtub drain can be cleaned and unclogged using a plumbers snake, and sometimes a plunger depending on how bad the clog is. In some cases where the drain is not completely clogged you maybe even be able to use a type of liquid drain cleaner like Liquid plumber or similar product. This doesn’t always work and you might wind up calling a licensed plumber anyhow, but its worth a shot if your willing to spend the money on the liquid plumber, but in the long run the clog might creep back up on you. Its always best not to only have the drain unclogged but also cleaned and flushed out.

Here are the top ten questions about unclogging bathtub drains with some answers that may help you have a good draining bathtub once again in no time.

The Top Ten Clogged Bathtub Drain Questions with Answers:

What can I use to unclog my bathtub, it won’t drain?

As we mentioned above you can use a few different things to unclog your bathtub. You can use a plunger, plumbers manual steel snake or even an electric hand snake, and sometimes even liquid plumber.

What do i do if my bath tub is clogged?

You basically have tow options when your bathtub is clogged. You can try to unclog the bathtub yourself or you can call a professional licensed plumber to come do the repair for you. Sometimes is just faster and cheaper in the long run to just call the local friendly plumber.

What is the best solution for toilet is clogging bathtub?

This is a very common question and there is no correct answer as each bathtub could be clogged for a different reason. The first thing you should do is make sure that the drain is not clogged with excess hair or soap chips. You can do this by visually inspecting the bathtub drain.

What is the best thing to unclog bathtub with?

Just as mentioned several times above the best way to clean your bathtub drain is to first determine what is clogging your drain and then to go from there.

What’s the best way to clean hair from my bathtub drain?

The best way to clean hair from the bathtub drain is to remove the drain grate and take a coat hanger and put a little hook on the end and scoop out the hair. You could also use a pair of needle nose pliers as well.

What is the best way to unclog a slow draining bathtub?

If you bathtub drain is draining but slow to drain, you probably have hair stuck in the tub shoe or the bathtub p-trap. The first thing you will want to do is to remove the tub drain grate like mention above and remove the hair, if that doesn’t work you could try using some liquid plumber. If after using liquid plumber and having no luck, you might just want to call a licensed plumber.

What is the proper way to plunge a bathtub drain?

The bathtub is hard to plug if you have a trip lever because as you plunge the water could push up the trip lever riser. So the best way to use a plunger in a bathtub is to push the plunger in fast and forceful to try to get as much pressure as possible into the p-trap. Plunging a bathtub is not going to work for every clogged drain, and most times you will need something stronger like a snake.

What solution do plumbers use for bathtub drains?

A licensed plumber will remove the tub drain grate, remove the hair and then clean the drain with a electric powered hand snake to make sure the line flows freely.

What takes bathtub clogs out?

As we listed above, depending on what type of clog and how clogged your drain is will determine which method is best for you. Alternatively you can call a licensed plumber.

What to do if your bathtub drains slowly?

If your bathtub drains slowly you should start to think about if your going to call a plumber or try to tackle the slow drain yourself. If you don’t do something your going to wind up with a completely clogged drain and then you will not be able to use the bathtub.

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