You might have expected some really corporate looking “team” page with maybe some fancy slogans or some inspirational message that make you feel nice, but that’s not what you will find here.

In fact you will just find a bunch of normal hard working blue collar men and women that make this all possible. The people below have contributed to this website in some way.  You can read more about each of the people below.

Joseph AKA “WeT Head  has been working in the either swimming pool, plumbing, heating and pump field since 1992. Here is a picture of him working on an in ground swimming pool system with a heat pump.

Joseph Working On Pools

Joseph can be seen here doing some of his plumbing work and roughing in a bathroom.

Joseph Plumbing

Richie can be seen below loosening a stuck loop lock anchor on a pool closing. Richie is a swimming pool mechanic that works with Joseph.

Richie Working On Loop Loc Anchor

In this picture you can see Richie Cleaning off a super dirty set of swimming pool steps.

Richie Cleaning Pool Steps

Dan has worked with Joseph doing pools for over 13 years.

Dan Working Poolside

Stacey Writes product reviews and helps with content management. She is also Joseph’s Fiance.


Matt has also worked with Joseph and Riche from time to time as a pool helper.

Matt Working On Green Pool