Rheem has a full line of heating products perfect for home or business heating needs. One of the best selling heat pump is the inventory is the Rheem 13PJL Heat Pump. Rheem 13PJL Heat PumpThe 13PJL has a rating of 13 SEER making this heat pump a mid efficiency pump. There are 7 different size models that make up the 13PJL Series, the total capacity of Btu’s range from 18,200 to 58,500 Btu’s.

Some of the benefits of the 13PJL Heat Pump Series is the Wrap Around Cabinet. This cabinet is made from a strong galvanized steel cabinet that is used to help protect the condensing coil fins from the elements of being outside such as from weather conditions and rust and corrosion. This series of heat pumps use a one-piece style drawn and painted base pan. The way the pan is installed is that the pan raises the coil from off of the pan, which will help reduce rust, and corrosion and it will also reduce the sound that the unit makes. The unit uses the R-410A refrigerant that is now going to require in all heat and cooling pumps in 2010.
Rheem 13PJL Heat Pump
The 13PJL Heat Pump Series has a unique motor mount and grille combination. This set up protects the fan motor from the elements from the weather and it also helps reduce the sound of the pump and the vibration as well. This motor mount and grille combo also increases the pumps durability. The discharge style of the grille offers a minimum amount of air restriction, which also helps with the sound reduction. Some of the features on the 13PJL Series Heat Pump that come standard are the Hot Gas Muffler, the Service Valves and the accessible control box. The Coils are made from copper tubing and improved aluminum fins. The cabinet is made from with a strong louvered design that will protect the coil from weather damage as well as rust and corrosion.

Some other standard features include a grille/motor mount set up, a demand defrost control to protect against snow and ice in the cold winter months. These heat pumps are perfect for a single, multi family and even light commercial applications. Some accessories or options that are available are Compressor Time Delays, a Blower Time Delay Control, a Sound Enclosure, a High Pressure Control and other Start Components. The 13PJL Heat Pump Series has some great features and some options that can really increase the efficiency of the pump. You may look at a Rheem Model number and not know what you are looking at. All Rheem heat pump model numbers actually mean something. For example, a Rheem Model number would be 13PJL36A01. The first two numbers 13 is the SEER Number, the P stands for Heat Pump, the J is the voltage (208-230) the L stands for the refrigerant R-104A. The 36 is for the model number you want in the series, the A is for Full Metal Jacket and the 01 is for the Rheem Value Series.

Question: What kind of electrical requirements does the 13PJL Series Require?

Answer: Each model of the 13PJL Series Heat Pump Requires a Single Phase, 60 Hz, 208-230 voltage electrical supply.

Question: What rating systems are used to rate these heat pumps?

Answer: These pumps are UL rated as well as the Energy Star System and the ARI Performance Certified.

Question: Are these Heat Pumps outdoor pumps only?

Answer: No, these are for outdoor uses on central heating and air conditioning units. But in some applications it can be used indoors, check with your local Rheem distributor to see which 13PJL unit would best be used indoors.

The Rheem 13PJL Heat Pump Series are excellent choices for heating and air conditioning units. It is best to shop around and choose which style pump would be best for your home or small office buildings.