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Awful sewage like smell coming out of your kitchen sink?


Whether it is a new construction house – even thought rarely, or some few decades years old house, there could be one possible nerve bothersome issue whenever you get into the kitchen – the awful smell, as close as to sewage, coming out from the sink area. Have you been through it?

The first thing you have in mind is either DIY checking yourself or calling a plumber for better performance and as a safety net. In any cases, making sure any leaking spots around the sink pipes, sewer line connections in the basement, checking the floor for any wet spot and even the vent line on the roof will be the very initial to-do action items. If any of above actions couldn’t reveal any visible damaged area, then the next thing to try would be to run the cold water into the kitchen sink disposal and add dishwashing liquid detergent, and then stop the water for a while until it resolves itself. This would be a good idea if the problem was residing in the disposal unit. Other items could be used such as lemon, salt and vinegar in place of detergent, as they may help remove the funky odor as well as lingering particles.

kitchen-sink-smell-1Some say it would get us the best result if you use hot water instead, and let the water flush through with a squirt of dish soap while the disposal is running. This might take care of remaining food particles, grease or any other unresolved things that are stucked to the upper rim of garbage disposal unit. Also putting wooden chopsticks or plastic toilet bowl brush would be helpful while you can manually move around and remove sticky or hard stuff through the opening area.

In case you don’t have garbage disposal system, the three combination of boiling water, baking soda and vinegar would be the best method worth for trial. It has been used and tested by many households over the years, even though it sounds like an old trick, it seems actually works. A typical order of putting items is baking soda – vinegar for about 15 minutes, and then a kettle of boiling water to clear off all the resolved items in the sink. You can also try the same method for your bathtub, powder room or toilet. Actually if you sprinkle the baking soda down the drainage periodically, it will absorb any remaining odors in the near future and it can be useful when you are planning to leave the house for a while.

If you prefer a non-traditional way, then there are a couple of choices on the market that were proven to work and testified by many other consumers. One good name brand – Biokleen carries drain care gel, which will do just the right work for your sink odor problems. Also it will fix the issue of slow draining on the sink. So the smooth and free drain flow as well as smell removal sounds very promising and worthwhile to try out. No artificial fragrances or colors addition are extra bonus points.

The other brand – Glisten carries foaming type cleaner that will reach out to the deep area of disposer and remove sticky grunge and bad odors by means of foaming away. It is used with running hot water and due to its chemical reaction while in operation, there could be a faint remaining smell after the use. However it can be easily removed by running another flow of hot water for about a minute. This product also does two jobs at once by keeping disposer inside clean and taking away smell.

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