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Zurn PEX Review


WeT HeaD KnowledgeZurn was actually started in 1900 in Pennsylvania. They were the first company that manufacturers and patented the backwater valve. Today, they have a wide variety or plumbing products in the entire world. One of their premier products is Zurn PEX. PEX has only been used since 1993; it has slowly become one of the fastest rising plumbing systems. The advantage of PEX is that it is a flexible way to plumb for residential, commercial and even industrial applications.

Zurn PEX can be easily connected to galvanized pipe, copper pipe, CPVC materials and Polybutyene. But contrary to belief Zurn PEX cannot be used everywhere. For example, cannot be used when there is exposure to direct sunlight or even stored sunlight. Zurn PEX cannot be used for air conditioning systems with refrigerants included and it cannot be used with swimming pool applications.

Advantages of Zurn PEX

Some of the advantages of Zurn PEX is that it won’t affect the environment at all. Zurn PEX has the capacity to protect against mineral build up and even protection from rust and corrosion. There are no solvents or glues needed when you use Zurn PEX. Plus, Zurn PEX will not contaminate the water. Some of the other advantages of using Zurn PEX is that it is safe to install. By using Zurn PEX you can save money on the amount of time it would take other installations. PEX is flexible and lightweight and since there are no glues to hold it together it takes less time to put in.

Zurn PEX offers two different crimping fitting systems, the QickClamp Crimp Ring System and the Copper Crimp Ring Systems. The QuikClamp is a single tool system that is available in 3/8″ to 1″. This systems offers a 25 year systems warranty. The Copper Crimp System is a proven working system that has been in place for over 30 years. The sizes are 3/8″ to 1-1/4″ and like the QickClamp System it has a 25-year systems warranty.

Benefits of Zurn PEX

Some of the benefits of using Zurn PEX is that it is cost effective. The cost of everything seems to be a concern to everyone. So Zurn PEX was designed in mind to be less expensive that plumbing with brass or copper. PEX requires fewer fittings so it helps to keep down the cost. A great benefit is that it costs less to install because less time is needed to install this PEX. The Zurn PEX Hot and Cold Tubing is rated with different pressure ratings at different temperatures. For example, the 160 PSI is an 110 BAR that is rated at 73 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 PSI is a 7 BAR rated at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. As we mentioned earlier there are two different crimping systems.

The QickClamp has some great benefits such as the stainless steel material and gripping ribs cuts down on installation times. There are just so many different fittings and connections that have to made so Zurn PEX has devised a system that makes installation easy and a system that is sure to last a long time. Zurn PEX is the leader in manufacturing of PEX. Though there are many old school plumbers that believe that PEX isn’t as good as copper or brass. But PEX has its place in the plumbing industry and more and more plumbing companies are using it. Zurn PEX is well protected from contaminates that could harm water systems. Zurn PEX has about a billion of feet of tubing and about 320 million fittings that are already have been used all over the world. At Zurn, they offer the most current and advanced technology in not just plumbing but in radiant heating and ice and snow melting. Zurn PEX is always coming up with new products and new applications. If you are a plumber and you are new to PEX keep an eye on Zurn PEX for the latest in new products.


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