During the winter season the rain water and the snow melts on top of the swimming pool cover and starts to collect. The proper way to take care of the pool is to pump the water off of the swimming pool cover using a pool cover pump.

As you can see below there was a l or of water in top of this above ground pool. So what we did was something we like to call a “taco fold”. Basically you fold the cover from one side to the other keeping the water inside of the pool cover. When you get to the other end of the pool you will have a big ball of water inside of the pool cover and not in your pool.

Green Above Ground Swimming Pool

Once the cover is brough to one side you can bail it out with a plastic bucket as seen in the picture above.

After we removed the pool cover and bailed all of the water off, we found that the pool water was totally green and was going to need a good shock treatment to kill of the algae on  the wall and the floor or the pool.

Green Above Ground Swimming Pool

You can see how green the swimming pool was in this picture above:

It is always best to try to keep your swimming pool cover free from as much water as you can during the winter season. The more water you leave on top of the swimming pool cover you have raises your chances of dirty green pool water or even pool liner damage. The pool water on top of the pool cover can contain leaves, sticks and other debris that can damage the pool cover if left on the cover for an extended period of time. Pool cover pumps are fairly priced and can save you money in the long run. A pool cover pump generally runs between $59 _$120 depending on size and flow rate. That is way cheaper then replacing your pool liner or cover if they get damaged from  the winter water, ice and debris.