When your pool pump starts to make more noise then normal this usually means something on the pump is failing and will need repair. Pool pumps make a bunch of different noises as the internals parts start to fail. When the motor bearings go bad in a pool pump they can make the pump scream, grind and all sorts of other noises that are sure to aggravate the neighbors if the pump is not fixed right away.
Why Is My Pool Pump Motor Making Noises?

The best thing you can do when your pool pumps starts making noises is to try to figure out what is wrong with it and then either fix the pump yourself if you are handy or hire a professional to fix the pump for you if its a repair that you cannot handle. If you just let the pump make noise for an extended period of time, then chances are the problem will only get worse and then not only will it take longer to fix but the repair could wind up being even more costly, which could have been avoided.

Pool Pump Grinding, Screeching and Screaming

If your pool pump motor is making a loud grinding noise or is even starting to make a large high pitched scream, then chances are the ball bearings inside of the motor are starting to go bad. These bearings can be changed by a professional pump repair company or you can change them yourself if you are handy and have some bearing pullers, a shop vise and an arbor press. The pump motor has two bearings that are on the motor armature are can be purchased for around $8.99 – $12.99 each depending on what type of pool pump and motor you have.

Usually what will happen is the bearings will run out of grease because they are sealed and then the ball bearings will start to wear out and create friction. This will then in turn cause your pool pump motors bearings to start making noise. When this happens you will want to start using the pump and have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent other types of damage.

Loud Humming Sound Coming From Pump Motor

Usually when you hear a humming sound from the pool pump motor it means one of two different things. The first thing it could be is that the switch in the back of your motor has gone bad or is not in the correct position. Sometimes the contacts on the motor switch wear out and then the pump will not start. This happens in Hayward Super pumps a lot when the contacts get old from age.

When you hear that loud humming sound coming from your pool pump motor and its not the motor switch, it could mean that the motors armature has jammed or became frozen. This could happen when the swimming pool pump is left outside during the winter or the off season. Sometimes the electric motors bearings and armature will start to rust and the motor will then “freeze up” and you will get that humming sound. Most of the time you can tap the motor with a hammer and knock the surface rust free and the motor will start running again. In some cases when houses are near the water you can wind up with rusted or frozen pump motor bearings that will need to be replaced before the pool pump will operate correctly again. If this is the case you can replace the pool pumps motor bearings yourself or have a local pump shop change the bearings for you.

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