Pool Shock can be added to the swimming pool in a number of ways. One of the ways pool shock can be added to the swimming pool is through the pool skimmer, but the filter system needs to be running and working properly.Can I Add Pool Shock Through The Skimmer Before adding shock to the pool skimmer you will first want to back wash your pool filter and remove all of the air from the filter system. Usually you will add powered or granular pool shock through the skimmer. Liquid pool shock can be poured directly into the swimming pool in most cases.

Sometimes granular or powered shock will not “break down” right sway when added directly to the pool water. When this happens it could stain or possibly even damage a vinyl liner swimming pool. Using the pools filter system to break down and dilute the shock is the best way to go if you have to add powered or granular shock to a vinyl liner pool.

If you have a swimming pool filter with a multiport valve on the top or the side of the filter you will want to add the pool shock when the valve is set to the “re-circulate” position. Before you can turn the multiport valve you will need to shut down the filter system if it is in fact running. If you try to turn the multiport valve handle while the pool filter system is running you could wind up damaging the internal spider gasket that is inside of the valve body. Always shut down any pool filter system before attempting to change the position of the multiport. If you damage the spider gasket inside you will then need to spend extra money for an unneeded repair that could have been avoided.

Once you have the filter multiport valve set on re-circulate you can pour the granular shock into the skimmer slowly. You do not want to pour any types of powered chemicals into the skimmer to fast otherwise it could clog the skimmer line. So when you add the shock make sure you add a small amount at a time. In about 30 seconds to 2 minutes the pool shock will flow through the swimming pool plumbing and then you will start to see it coming out of the pools return jets.

After you have poured all of the power pool shock through the skimmer and the pool returns are pumping out clear water again you can shut down the filter. Once the filter is shit down you will want to put the filter multiport position back onto the filter position so you can filter you pool once again.

An alternative way yo add powered or granular pool shock to the pool is to get a 5 gallon bucket of water and then pour a small amount of shock into the bucket. Then you will want to mix the shock and the water in the bucket to break down the shock before you add it to the pool.

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