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Why Home and Business Owners Should Invest In A Solar Thermal Water Heater System


The majority of folks have no understand of solar thermal and what it is. Simply put: the name says it all – it’s heat that comes from the sun! And, most folks understand, from a very young age, that the sun is the reason things get hot.

solar-thermal-water-heater-system-1Have you ever tried walking across a blacktop with no shoes or socks during the summer, only to find that the ground is super hot? Have you ever used a magnifying glass and the sun to burn leaves? Many people have done these very things.

Solar thermal looks to take the sun’s heat and channel it in a variety of useful ways to meet people’s daily energy needs. Today’s tankless water heating system provides up to 80 percent of hot water in a home for free. The other percentage will come from a backup energy source, which means homeowners won’t have to deal with cold showers or greasy dishes.

Solar hot water is also known as solar thermal and works by the sun heating the water, which is then stored in the storage tank. Think of it this way: in the summer, you drink water from your yard’s water hose. The water that comes out initially is very hot. This is the solar thermal process but a bit more attention is given to collect it.

Three Reasons To Invest In A Solar Thermal Water Heater

Similar to the magnifying glass and burning leaf, the solar collectors are tuned to collect and store energy without a second thought from you. A system that’s been properly installed should remain unnoticeable to all hot water users with some exceptions:

1 – Larger tanks, like 80 gallon tanks, are often used for storage. The larger the tank is, the more hot water will be available before it runs out.

2 – The home’s utility bill will be significantly less.

3 – More and more folks will invest in solar hot water panels for their home or business. Currently, 1.5 million homes and/or businesses use solar hot water and 94 percent of them say it was a worthwhile investment.

A solar hot water system is certainly beneficial in terms of one’s finances and the environment. And, the U.S. government will provide a 30 percent tax credit (or about $2,000) for these systems to be purchased and installed on homes. This is along with the tax credits and rebates offered by several states. And, depending on how often you use the system, it can pay for itself within seven years.


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