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Is It Time To Get Your Roof Repaired?


The roof over your home is undoubtedly one of the most fundamental elements of its structure. When your roof starts leaking, or shedding tiles, there aren’t many more important DIY issues that could take precedence. Every year, homeowners across the country are left in need of urgent repair to their roofs. This often happens as a result of weather damage, or flaws that have developed over longer periods of time. In emergency circumstances, it may be obvious that you need a professional roof repair. But how can you be sure that your roof isn’t in need of a more general repair, or maintenance job?

Catching problems early can save you money later down the line. Roofing problems can end up being costly to repair. As a consequence, early intervention is the favored approach, saving on the costs of the job and preventing much more significant repair work in future. when-to-get-your-roof-repaired1

The first thing to look out for is any visible sign of damage to your roof. If there is water pouring into your home, it’s obvious you’ve got a problem. More subtle problems include missing slates, wind damage and corrosion. If it is practical and safe for you to do so, a visual inspection of an area of your roof can be a good method of spotting potential problems.

A strategically positioned window may offer you a close enough glance over parts of your roof. Alternatively, getting a vantage point outside your home can work equally as well.

If you suspect your roof may be damaged, you should look for an appropriate contractor who can discuss options for its repair, where necessary. Roofing isn’t a job that is recommended to be undertaken by anyone other than a trained professional. Given the dangers of heights, not to mention the structural importance of the roof to your home, it is unwise to attempt these repairs yourself.

Even if you cannot see signs of damage on first inspection, it may be worth checking with a professional roof repair firm, for example Those who are selling their home are a good example of those who could benefit from the service. Any roofing problems would be uncovered by an surveyor’s report, and would reflect negatively on the value of your home.when-to-get-your-roof-repaired2

Getting this checked out before you put your home up for sale can identify whether any problems exist. Fixing these ahead of sale can protect the value of your home, and it often makes financial sense to invest in repair work before you sell. The sooner you restore the condition of your property, the sooner you can move on to its sale.

Roofs can, from time to time, fall into a state of disrepair. Like all other elements of your home, the roof can need attention. It is up to the homeowner to remain vigilant, to identify problems as soon as they arise. Too important to be left to the untrained hand, roofing repairs can often be a complex job. But if you seek repairs at the right time, you may be able to save on the overall repair costs.


  1. I agree with what is said in this article. A roof that is maintained properly can add years to its life. This is especially true of wood shake roofs that we see here in the Pacific Northwest. Moss is often a problem that builds up and traps moisture that leads to wood rot and debris retention. Those combined are great attractants for one of our favorite bird friends, the North American Flicker. We at, Emerald State Roofing, have seen these beautiful birds create one to one and a half inch holes in the roof of many homes. Left untreated these can lead to truss damage and other structural problems in the home itself.

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