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Whirlpool Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater


Whirlpool may sound familiar to most people through washing machines and refrigerators. But many people did not know that they make water heaters. One of the best in the Whirlpool line is their 80-gallon Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater. For most of us, when we go shopping for a water heater we want a unit that is going to not only save us money but run with maximum efficiency.Whirlpool Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater

With the 80-gallon Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater you will get just that. The Whirlpool 80 Gallon Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater has an energy rating of 92%. This model also will save you an estimated $ 350 a year in operating costs. When the unit is on standby it could still help you save an additional 30% with little heat loss. The unit is a compact style that measures in a 26 inches in diameter and 60-1/4 inches in height.
Whirlpool Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater
In the first hour of hot water delivery the unit expels 25.3 gallons per hour. The Whirlpool 80 Gallon Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater has triple foam insulation. The water heater is capable of working in a residence with 5 plus people and still give off maximum efficiency. The water heater offers a Self Diagnosis Control Monitors that have 8 important functions and signals that lets the homeowner aware when the water heater is operating well and even when there is a slight problem.

The Whirlpool 80 Gallon Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater is a self-cleaning unit, meaning that it can eliminate sediments that tend to build up on water heaters over time. When this happens, the debris can actually clog the water heater and reduce the ability to let the heat transfer the heat to hot water. When this happens it can cause a lot of stress to the water heater and cause the system to fail. With a self-cleaning system, the incoming water tube that brings the water into the tank. It is designed to keep the sediments from settling every time you use the hot water. This will make a big difference in the longevity of your water heater.

The Whirlpool 80 Gallon Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater should be set at 120 degrees at all times. The safest temperature degree setting all water heaters have is 120 degrees. On this water heater there is a adjustable thermostat can be lowered to help reduce the possibility of burning hot water and to lower the cost of the energy bill. Remember when choosing a water heater it is best to take a look at the first hour rating, the higher the rating the better the more efficient the unit is. Replacing a water heater doesn’t have to be a hassle. You simply have to the research and check out the prices that you are willing to pay. You will find that the Whirlpool 80 Gallon Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater is cost effective and does not cost a lot of money.


  1. Greetings,

    I’m considering the Whirlpool 80 gal electric and the Kenmore PowerMiser 12 80 gal electric. Pricing is comparable. What thoughts can you share about these two? Also, is there really a difference in the way the water heaters are built between the 6, 9 and 12 year warranty models?

    Thanks for your expertise.


    Tom Weesner

  2. The Kennmore PowerMiser 12 is a lesser quality model than the Whirlpool Lifetime Warranty model, even though both are top of the line models. Yes, there is a big difference between the different warranty models. If you can find a comparison sheet, (HD has them) you’ll see that the larger warranty models have a faster recovery rate, a higher efficiency rating, and higher delivery rate. I’ve just installed a Whirlpool Lifetime Warranty 80 gallon electric in my home to replace an old 50 gallon HydroJet model. I was impressed by the quality of the Whirlpool model, and pleased with how fast it heated the whole tank from dead cold (1 hr). Even more pleasing was that my wife could now fill her whirlpool tub with hot water in one shot instead of having to wait 2 hours between hot water draws. If I can see a savings on my electric bill, I too will be a happy camper.


  3. I to got the 80 gal.ModelEE3Z80HD055V Whirlpool Lifetime Warranty. Love the the way it performs but I can’t get an Outside Insulation Jacket,or a Pan large enough to put under it. Still looking that’s what I’m doing now.

    • Hi William,
      I have been looking for a new water heater this weekend- as my current unit has just started to slowly tricky some water! I believed I found my possible replacement in the Whirlpool model that you wrote about in your posting (80 gal. ee3z80hd055v). However, on the Lowe’s website I found some very negative reviews for this heater. In fact, your review was only one of a few I found that was positive. So, I thought I would drop you a line to see if you could share any updates? Is the water heater still performing to your expectations or have you had problems? Any information you’d be willing to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, William- Hope to hear from you. (I need to make a decision quick!)

  4. I found an outside Insulation jacket for my 80 gal. tank for any body that needs one go to and the 30″ pan for the water heater can be found at Ace Hardware but you need to talk to them and they will order one for you.

  5. I have the 80 gallon whirlpool “smart water heater”. The water is always hot for no matter how long you run it. It is about 1 1/2 yrs old now and just gave me my first problem. My wife said something’s burning, and I went to see. The circuit board and housing have melted as well as the 220v power line. I tripped the breaker to kill power and called whirlpool. Lifetime warranty on the parts, however, shipping cost apply. My electrician determined that the relay for the upper and lower elements somehow we both active and drew to many amps from the source. Thank god my wife smelled something and we caught it before a fire broke out. It took 2 days to get the part over nighted (go figure) but the funny thing is that the tank is very well insulated we were able to take HOT showers (4 of us) after 24 hrs that the water heater was shut off!

  6. After 2 weeks on installing the 50 gallon Energy Smart Whirlpool hot water heater I have no hot water. 1st 3 minutes in the shower it is warm but soon turns cold. Lowes says they have had many,many returned with problems.They told me to bring it back no questions ask for the 80 gallon model. They no longer sell the 50 gallon model. This one must have been defective right out of the box.

  7. Josh, thank you for posting…. Get this, I just had nearly the identical issue. Like yours, mine is exactly 1 1/2 years old now. This morning, had an extra guest, and the hot water did not really recover. I figured it was due to the extra guest and WENT TO WORK… On my drive home, our daughter said the hot water was still not as hot as it normally is…. So, knowing these things have a history for bad boards, go downstairs and look at the panel. No green light.

    So, I’m thinking it tripped the circuit breaker, right? Wrong.

    SO, I go to take the three screws off, and on moving the back one (after noticing the plastic had melted a lot) I see sparks start flying. I can rotate it a little, and the green light is on. Some smoke coming out. Long story short – like yours, one of the 220 lines is totaly melted – copper an all. stuff in there is really charred.

    For a moment, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, that it was not the board, and it was actually due to a plumber that moved the heater, and maybe the breaker should have tripped, but did not… Now I’m convinced that it is the board, not the house power or installation.

    So now my mind is thinking – what if… What if the plastic had caught fire and burned my house down. SO, now I’m thinking get rid of this sucker, or try to get whirlpool to get rid of it. Or, as an option, could I retrofit a traditional system and just give me the very dependable thermostats and control to turn on the upper and lower heating elements in the traditional manner. If it costs me $200 a year in electric – so be it…

    • Hey Josh & Dale, just had an identical scare. Plastic housing melted, wife went down the basement and said she smelled something funny. We located the smell in a utility closet where the hot water heater is, opened the door, odor was very strong of electrical and plastic burning. Turned the light on, hazy smoke in the closet, took us a few minutes to realize the plastic cover was melted and distorted on top with little curls of smoke still coming out. Their sending parts overnight (2 days) and covering shipping. The hell with their water heater, what if my house had burned down. Wife says she smelled it the night before but very slight odor. Dale, did you get rid of yours or retrofit it ??

      • WOW! Whirlpool Customer Service calls me for follow-up the day after I left the post above, as well as, one on the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site and Angie’s List. Whirlpool did the “stand-up” right thing and offered to reimburse us for a new Whirlpool hot water heater. We purchased the newer version of the “Smart Saver” at Lowes. Whirlpool would not pay for installation. We’re feeling a lot better now. Very impressed that they stepped-up and did the right thing.

  8. On my 80 gallon tank Model EE3Z80HD055V….DOES IT HAVE A LIFETIME WARRANTY? The lower element has to be replaced.

    Jeff Holstein

  9. EE3Z280HD055v = m/n
    1112T469397. =s/n
    0830163. = p/n
    I had to replace the circuit board sourced on EBay
    As per flashing code
    Board no is flashing sensor failure
    I found that the upper thermistor reads open along with thermal fuse in line.
    Please help me source the part I need.

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