When your oil burner runs out of heating fuel which is usually home heating oil there can be a few things that can go wrong and that will prevent you from starting the oil burner again quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter if you have a Beckett Burner, Carlin or even a Riello oil burner, the steps below will be the same. The only difference is that the oil pump bleed screw and a few other things might be in a slightly different place but the principles to get the burner are still the same.How To Re-Start An Oil Burner After Running Out Of Oil

You off course will want to make sure to get an oil delivery before trying to restart your oil burner again. If you do not have enough money to buy oil, you can always use a few gallons of diesel fuel to get your oil burner running again.The first thing to do is to get an adjustable crescent wrench ready because you will need this wrench to bleed the oil lines free from air. The oil pump and oil lines will become “air locked” because the new full you just put in the tank pushed air into the lines.

Looking at the front of the burner you will want to locate the oil pump on you Burner. On most oil burners like Beckett the oil pump bleed screw will be on the left side of the burner. If you have a Carlin burner it will be more towards the front of the unit. Once you find your oil bleed screw on the burner oil pump you will want to crack the bleed screw loose and then just hand tighten it back up for a moment.
Beckett Oil Burner
Now is the time that you will want to bleed the air out of the oil lines and to do so you will do the following. Place your wrench on the bleeder screw and hit the oil burner safety reset. Once the burner motor kicks on you will want to open the bleeder screw for a few seconds until all of the air is free from the line. You will first see a rush of air and then a stream of oil. The thing to remember is that in the old days oil burner motors would have a 45 second “lock out” and the new models these days will have a15 second lock out because of the new safety reasons. So when you are bleeding your oil you may need to reset the oil burner more then once to get all of the air free from the lines.

Once you open the oil lines the first time and most of the air comes out the burner may possibly start, it will all depend on how much air is in your oil lines, how far away your oil tank is will also determine how much air or how many times you will have to bleed the burner oil pump. Once all or enough of the air is out your oil burner will ignite and you will have a running burner.

At times you can also run into a problem here and there so here is a couple of common scenarios just in case you do get stuck and can not get the burner re started.

Problem: “I don’t have a oil bleeder screw on my burner, or I just can’t find it”

Solution: Every oil burner including Beckett, and many others all have a bleeder screw on the oil pump, look around the pump more and you should see it.

Problem: “I have bleed the oil burner several times but it still won’t start”

Solution: There could be something else wrong with your unit, You may need to keep troubleshooting.

Problem: “I have not enough money for oil, can I use diesel fuel?”

Solution: Yes, you can use a few gallons of diesel fuel to get your oil burner running, and in fact this is common among most people when they run out of home heating oil.

It is always best to not run out of home heating oil, so that your oil burner does not have to be bleed at all and all of this can be avoided.