The Beckett oil burner has something called an Oil Burner Reset Button that will reset the burner if if has been locked out. The button on the Beckett model oil burner will be located towards the front of the burner.

The button will be red and will push in to reset the burner. Most of the time when the oil burner reset button “locks out” the burner from starting, when there is some sort of problem with the unit.

Think of it as a safety measure, in case there is a potential problem that might cause a significant damage to the unit. There is a cad cell which is located in the main control panel. That cell will function as a light sensor to detect if there is a continuous flame of light inside the burner. If it detected a discontinuation of the light, then it will make the red button trip thus shutting down the burner eventually.

Some common things that will trip the reset button on the Beckett Oil burner are running out of fuel oil, a clogged burner nozzle, bad electrodes and many other things.

If you notice a closed oil valve on the unit, it would be another cause of the tripped button. You can simply open the valve and retry from the beginning. Other cause might be an air trapped in the fuel line and the pump was not primed. In that case, you can try to prime the pump and recycle it, but be ready to call for the service if it gets too complicated.

If you have ran out of oil and your burner reset button has tripped you will not want to reset the Beckett burner until you get more fuel oil.

Once you get more fuel oil you can then push in the reset button and the burner should start. If you have pushed in the reset button once and the Beckett Burner does not start you should call a heating professional to come out and take a look at what’s wrong with your burner.