The Ultra Series 2 Gas Fired Boiler is equipped with the patented PhD technology from Weil McLain. The PhD stands for Precision Hydronic Data technology; this technology has a smart system that brings the PhD heating and hot water requirements, while bringing the most efficiency by determining the data parameters of your home heating system.
Weil McLain Ultra Series 2 Gas Fired Water Boiler

The Ultra Series 2 Gas Fired Water Boiler has a cast aluminum heat exchanger, a burner that is made with a high quality stainless steel construction, and the burner uses a factory mixed air and gas, which offers a wider assortment of firing rates. This will save money as you won’t need to fire up the boiler as much as you would on any other boiler system. It also has an Ultra Control Mode; this means that the control module answers to the signals from the thermostat, water supply, return water sensors, and the flue gas sensor. Almost all of the sensors in the Ultra 2 Series answer and respond to the Ultra Control Mode. Everything is kept neatly in this package.The boiler transformer installed in the Ultra Series 2 is designed to decrease the amount of electrical voltage used in the line. It has a range of 120 vac to 24 vac.
Weil McLain Ultra Series 2 Gas Fired Water Boiler
The 24 vac controls the gas valve and the blower signal. The front door of the boiler is designed to be sealed to the boiler assembly around the whole boiler. Some other boilers are designed partially around the boiler. The Ultra 2 Series Boiler has a P/T temperature sensor that is installed on the pressure temperature gauge, and can be installed into the outlet water pipe. Some other standard features on the Ultra Series 2 are the Boiler Drain Valve, the Data Port, the Air Intake Adapter, and the Venturi, which is designed to act as a vacuum when the air comes through the venturi. This device is used to help with the quality of the airflow.

When you are working with the operation of the boiler, there are just some things that you should know. You should not block the flow of combustion or, any ventilation to the boiler. The heat exchanger is constructed with aluminum and needs the pH system, which should always read between 7.0 and 8.5. The water chemistry should always be checked when the boiler is serviced. There are easy to read electronic display buttons on the Ultra 2 Series Boiler.

The display has a 4 number display where you can access the heating temperature setting, you can see the outlet water temp, and all other operating conditions. You can also see the boiler status, shutdown, and any lock out codes, which makes troubleshooting problems easy. When you have someone install these boilers, you will need to know that the clearance for hot water pipes is 1/2″ from all combustible materials. For the vent pipe the clearance has to be at least 0.20″. You should have 12″ of maximum ceiling enclosure and a 12″ maximum above the floor enclosure. By ensuring the proper clearances you can look forward to a stress free installation.