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Waterless Urinal Buyers Guide


These days are all about the saving money and saving the environment. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to save money on every aspect of both our home lives and our businesses? We can start by thinking of many different ways to save on our energy costs and our water costs. These two are cause for concerns for many people. One way we can start to save money on our business is by installing Waterless Urinal Buyers Guide. Every public restrooms in parks, office buildings or municipal buildings a; have urinals.Waterless Urinal Buyers Guide

Can you imagine how much water and electric is costs to run urinals? They can be very costly especially when so many men use them on a daily basis. We have put together a buyers guide of waterless urinals, these urinals are environmentally friendly and they will save your company or the county a lot of money. We will feature the Kohler K-4917-0 Steward S Waterless Urinal, ZeroFLush Waterless Urinal and the Zurn Quarter Stall Waterless Urinal. Let’s take a look and see how these three urinals can help you save money.

Kohler Steward S Waterless Urinal

Kohler Steward S Waterless Urinal
The Kohler K-4917-0 Steward S Waterless Urinal allows you to start saving money right away. Can you image the amount of water that is wasted with every flush of every urinal in an office building or in some cases a residential home? It must be a lot especially if it is used over 50 times a day. By installing a waterless urinal you can save so much water. Why should you choose the Kohler K-4917-0 Steward S Waterless Urinal? You will reduce the amount of water being used on a daily basis as well as the amount of sewage that is formed. By using a waterless urinal it can save you about 40,000 gallons of water per urinal every year. The Kohler K-4917-0 is made from strong vitreous china. It has a 14-3/4″ extended rim.

When you get the Kohler K-4917-0 Steward S Waterless Urinal White it comes with a removable strainer with a universal mounting bracket with an outlet spud. It has hangers and sample bottles of the Kohler Waterless Urinal Sealing Liquid and Cleaner. The Kohler K-4917-0 is made with a splash free surface with very little maintenance. The best part of the Kohler K-4917-0 Steward S Waterless Urinal is that it is odor free despite not having any water.The Kohler K-4917-0 Steward S Waterless Urinal is available in white and the price starts at $367.08.

ZeroFlush 24″ Waterless Urinal

ZeroFlush 24" Waterless Urinal
ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals are a very cost effective way to start saving money as well as water. The ZeroFlush was created with technology that really works and it works with the environment. The ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal -24″ is rated number one on the market and with good reason. You can save up to 40,000 gallons of water very year when you install the waterless urinal.The ZeroFlush is a waterless urinal that is a wall-hung model. It comes with an integral housing and a drain insert. This fixture is less expensive that other waterless urinals and much easier to install.

The ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal-24″ may qualify you for a rebate, most states offers a rebate program if you install water saving fixtures and appliances. There is very little maintenance on the ZeroFlush Urinals; it has a recyclable trap and a biodegradable sealant. When you use a waterless urinal there is no de-scaling chemicals that need to be used or any type of detergent or chemical treatments needed. The ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal-24″ doesn’t use any cartridges and it contains an All Natural ZeroFlush Odor Barrier. This waterless urinal has a new and improved design that creates fewer splashes. You will not have to add any type of sealant between changing the inserts. Installation is easy, since there are no flush valves of water supply pipes to connect to. The ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal costs about $333.33 and can really save money as well as contribute to the environment.

Zurn Quarter Stall Waterless Urinals

Zurn Quarter Stall Waterless Urinals
The Zurn Quarter Stall Waterless Urinal or Model Z5796 are water free urinals that do not contain any cartridges. The Zurn Quarter Stall Waterless Urinals can save you money on the water bills, building costs and maintenance costs. This urinal is easy to install and once the urinal is installed you fill the trap with the Zurn Aqua Green Sealant and the urinal is ready to use. There are environmental benefits in using this waterless urinal and it will save you money right from the start.

The Zurn Quarter Stall Waterless Urinals are made with strong vitreous china. This model is wall mounted with an integral trap and drain. This plumbing fixture comes with a hidden bracket and a telescoping flanged PVC drain line connection. The Zurn Quarter Stall Urinal comes with already pre-measured Zurn green sealant bottles. You won’t have to measure or mix any solutions of chemicals. Everything is done for you. With the Zurn Quarter Stall Waterless Urinal you will have less installation costs because there are no water supply inlets to connect to. This waterless urinal was designed with creative technology, which offers a LEED Credit. If you are looking to save money on your building costs simply install a Zurn Quarter Stall Waterless Urinal. This urinal costs about $383.00. You can find it online or in your local home improvement stores or plumbing fixture locations.

How Do Waterless Urinals Work?

Waterless Urinals work almost the same as the urinals that work with water. The urine will travel down the bowl and through the debris catching strainer. Then the urine continues to pass through the sealing liquid, which is most often a company designed soil based fluid, or in some cases just plain old vegetable oil. This will all collect in the waste pipe. Now urine is heavier than oil which means that the urine will pass through the sealing liquid and the oil will stay floating on the top while the urine lays below.

You may wonder how the waterless urinals claim to be odor free. The technology that is used is this, any air bubbles that are formed in a low oxygen area. The odor is trapped underneath the layer of oil cannot rise to offend any restroom users. There are three liquids that are present each with its own density. The ammonia has a density of 823 kg/m3, the Oil has a density of 920 kg/m3 and the water has a density of 1021 kg/m3.

The idea is that the urine will be slowed before it gets to the oil so the flow is not disputed and the oil falls to the bottom. If this happens there is no way to trap the odor. There are 2 different styles of waterless urinals the cartridges based and non-cartridge based. Waterless urinals were first brought to the mainstream in 1992 by the Waterless Company and the very first urinal was called the Eco Trap Cartridge. As the green movement continues to push forward, we will continue to see more waterless products come out and more plumbing fixture companies will start to offer their own waterless urinals. These products are very environmentally friendly and they are cost effective.

We have showed you three of the best Waterless Urinals. These three urinals can save you over 40,000 gallons of water of water every year per urinal. That would be a huge saving and the money you save could be better uses. Imagine the amount of time you will save with little installation time and maintenance costs. The Kohler K-4917-0 Steward S Waterless Urinal, ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal and the Zurn Quarter Stall Waterless Urinal are all great products from three of the best plumbing fixture companies in the industry. These are all reasonably priced and can be found online or in local home improvements locations like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Shop around and compare the cost as well as the amount of water and money you will be saving on your new purchase.


  1. Good morning,
    thanks for the postings on the urinals and your mention of us as the originator. Was wondering why our extensive urinal line is not mentioned? may I ask to inlcude us as we still offer the most simple and most cost effective system on the market. Additionally, we have the most urinal styles availavle on the market.
    Appreciate your reply and keep up the good informative work.
    Klaus Reichardt
    Waterless Co Inc

  2. Just curious. Do you know of the Waterless brand of waterless urinals? My husband’s work has them in their building and he has mentioned they work really well. No odor problems or troubles. I would suggest adding them to this buyer’s guide. Their website is
    Thanks. -Niki

  3. For six months now I have had the Kohler Steward Urinal in my home. I can clean it in fifteen seconds and it is odor free. There is one problem however. The strainer is mis-designed to hold a minute amount of urine. It creates a yellow crust and looks terrible Beyond that, the item is perfect in every way.

  4. I am running a research program in my school in Warsaw-Poland and chose to handle the waterless urinal section of this program. We in the team want to procure ways inwhich our school can be more efficient and cost effective too by switching to waterless urinals. The thing is for a country like Poland, the figures I find here as purchase price for your products seem to be really high.Do you have any cheaper options,please?!

    kind regards,


    P.s- can I get a reply via my email add. ASAP,please? Thanks! :))

  5. The county I work for installed Zero Flush brand waterless urinals in all our buildings. The one I work in is 4 stories and the entire building smells like urine now. A friend of mine is a paramedic for the same county and he says the station he works at now smells like urine. Not sure if the urinals need to be cleaned daily(they are currently cleaned every other day) and this is a commercial/public building. I have complained and now the building maintenance folks come by once a day and spray some blue stuff in them that last about an hour…..more like a cover sent.

    So far I’m VERY un-impressed with waterless urinals.

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