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Waste & Used Oil Boiler Buyers Guide


Waste Oil and Used Oil Boilers are designed for commercial and industrial applications and some companies do offer waste oil boilers for the residential home. Businesses such as Fast Oil Lubes Shops, Car and Truck Dealerships, Greenhouses and Barns are common places where you would find waste and used oil boilers There are two companies that are the most widely used for water and used oil boilers. Columbia and Energy Logic. These boilers are slowly becoming more popular because they are actually environmentally friendly.Waste & Used Oil Buyers Guide

Columbia Waste Oil boilers are quickly becoming the company that businesses go to when they want to change over from an Oil Fired or Gas Fired boilers System. They have two waste and used oil heaters that standout, the LVWO and the KWO. These boilers have been sold to owners or garages, auto repair shops and even some warehouses. Let’s do a side-by-side comparison and see, which Columbia Waste Oil boilers would best, suit your business needs.
Columbia KWO Waste Oil Boiler
The Columbia LVWO Waste Oil boilers use a variety of different oils, Transmission Fluid, Vegetable and Cooking Oil and even Crankcase Oil. The LVWO has a firing rate of .05 to 1.5 gallons per hours. The maximum amount of input from this boiler ranges from 75,000 to 210,000. It has a gross output of 60,000 to 168,000 Btu’s. The water gallon capacity is an impressive 8 gallons, which is actually one of the largest in the waste oil boiler industry.

All Columbia boilers use their own-patented burner called the Shenandoah Burner. This burner is different from Beckett or Carlin Burners because it has a slide out gun assembly and a quick disconnect that makes cleaning and maintaining the burner 100% easier than the Carlin or the Beckett. The burner door swings out and has an accessible rear cleanout that also contributes to easy maintenance.

Some of the standard equipment that you will find in the Columbia LVWO Waste Oil boilers is the ASMA Certified Boiler, the ASME Certified Relief Valve and the Boiler Drain Valve and the Oil Pump and Filter Kit. These boilers are fully insulated and tested before they can be sold to consumers. The price on these boilers runs from $ 5500. to $ 6500. Prices will vary, usually depending on where you are purchasing the boiler.

Columbia KWO Waste Oil Boilers

The Columbia KWO Waste Oil Boilers use 1.5 minimum and 2.5 maximum gallons per hour. The inputs of the KWO are ranged from 210,000 to 350,000 Btu’s. This boiler can hold 36 gallons of water, making it bigger than the LVWO Waste Oil Boiler from Columbia. You can use Crankcase Oil, Transmission Fluid, Hydraulic Fluid and even Bio-Diesel Fuel.

This waste oil boiler is designed for commercial use and not recommended for residential homes. Like the LVWO, the KWO uses the Columbia Patented Shenandoah Burner. Some of the standard features of the Columbia KWO are the Insulated Flush Jacket, Theraltimeter Gauge an Aquastat and a Low Water Cut off.

In addition to the standard features, the KWO has some options that can be added to increase the efficiency of the boiler, Oil Storage Tanks, Hydronic Unit Heaters and Hydronic Dust Heaters. If you want to get the maximum amount of efficiency from these boilers, then you will have to install baffles. The units are efficient the way they come but to add more and save more, think out purchasing any of the options including the baffles.

The Price on the Columbia KWO is around $ 7000 to $ 9000, in some places you may encounter a larger price but this is the average price for a KWO. Remember that you are getting a 36-gallon capacity boiler.

Energy Logic is another company that specializes in water and used oil boilers. Unlike the Columbia Waste Oil Boiler Company, Energy Logic does have some waste oil boilers that can be used for industrial companies (railways, garages, dealerships, etc). . The EL-140 is one of those boilers and it is their best seller.

Energy Logic El-140 Waste Oil Boiler

The El-140 has a heating capacity of 142,000 Btu’s or 41.6 kW per hour. The El-140 is capable of heating a 3500 square foot area. One of the great benefits of the El-140 is that is uses about 1.0 gallon per hour, you can’t get much more efficient than that. This heater was designed to save your business money on fuel consumption and on your electricity bill as well. The unit is compact in size and measures in with 18″ in width by 18″ in height.┬áThe El-140 comes with a 250-gallon workbench and a Primary Heat Exchanger that is made from 18 Gauge Stainless Steel.

This unit offers a warm air temperature rising of 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit has a protective coating to guard against rust and corrosion. With winter here you will want to choose a waste oil heater that will bring to the most efficiency and the most cost effective way to heat your business. The Price for the El-140 Waste Oil Heater ranges from $2500 to $3000. This price is less expensive that the other because the unit is much smaller. If you call the Energy Logic Sales Department they can tell you who sells these heaters in your area and you may actually get a better deal. There are so many new ways to heat your business beside regular oil and natural gas. One of these ways is by using waste and used oil boilers. They are just as efficient if not more so than regular boilers. There are not too many companies that offer waste oil boilers they are just starting to become popular.


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