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Amana ASZ18 Heat Pump


The name Amana may be familiar with refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. But Amana has a great heating product line as well. One of the best in their inventory is the ASZ18 Heat Pump.Amana ASZ18 Heat Pump This heat pump is a high efficiency pump that has an 18 SEER and 9.5 HSPF efficiency. The pump is virtually maintenance free, so you will save money on service repairs. The unit is 100% reliable and dependable.

The advantages of installing an Amana ASZ18 Heat Pump are that the system does offer a high efficiency rating and a high efficiency heating rating. The unit requires a refrigerant and on the ASZ8 Heat Pump, Amana chose the environmentally friendly R-410A. The R-410A is an advanced type of coolant that is chlorine free and much cleaner and better for the environment. A new amendment to the Clean Air Act requires all units as of 2010 all ac and heating units that are made in the United States must use chlorine free refrigerant. So Amana is updating their units now. Amana is always on the cutting edge of technology and they bring you these advancements before they are required. Amana only brings the newest technology and products to their customers.
Amana ASZ18 Heat Pump
The heat pump is a quiet running unit that has some great contributing factors to the quietness of the unit. The unit offers a high-density foam compressor sound blanket that comes factory installed. The heat pump comes with a super efficient condenser fan motor and a wire fan discharge grille. Amana produces products that are made to last, on the ASZ18 Heat Pump, the unit has a factory installed filter dryers. These will help protect the system from any debris and any moisture that may accumulate inside the unit. The pump has a vertical condenser air discharge feature. This feature will protect your yard and any landscaping that surrounds your unit. As we mentioned, the Amana ASZ18 Heat Pump was designed to be very low maintenance and when you do need service or a yearly inspection, the heat pump is easy to maintain. The ASZ18 uses Amana’s Comfort Alert Diagnostic System. This is factory installed in all Amana heating and cooling products. The system will monitor any and all data from the pump ensuring if you have a problem, the system lets you know right away. The faster you know if there is a problem the faster you can fix it. This will save you money down the road.

Question: What are the warranties on the Amana ASZ18 Series Heat Pumps?

Answer: Amana offers a 10-year limited warranty on the Heat Pump.

Question: What Rating System was used to certify the efficiency of the heat pumps?

Answer: Energy Star Rating System, if you see the blue star sticker on an appliance or equipment, you know it has to be worth it. The Heat Pump is also rated by the Department of Energy.

Question: How can I know that 18 SEER is a good rating?

Answer: Most home units today offer a 10 SEER rating. With Amana’s innovative designs and cutting edge technology, they can bring you ratings of 18 SEER on almost every product they offer.

Amana is not just cooling products or kitchen appliances. Everything that Amana does is worth very penny that you will spend purchasing their products. If you shop around you may not find advanced technology on heat pumps like Amana.

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