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Utica Boilers TriFire Oil Fired Boiler Review


The TriFire Oil Fired Boiler from Utica Boilers has a 3 Pass system. It is a high efficiency rated boiler with an AFUE of 86.5%. The 3 Pass Heat Exchanger Design has 3 flue way passages that cover the most amount of surface area. The baffle components inside the heat exchanger are stainless steel, which is a capable of holding in the heat from the heat transfer and not let the heat escape.Utica Boilers TriFire Oil Fired Boiler Review

There are 4 different models to the TriFire Oil Fired Boilers; they have a heating capacity range of 105,000 input MBH to 231,000 MBH. The TriFire boilers have what Utica calls a Piping Tree, this tree is labeled exactly where the piping needs to go in order to get the boiler up and running. You don’t want to have a technician in your house trying to locate the right places for your parts. The tree has a label for the Aquastat, Relief Valves and the Pressure /Temperature Gauges.
Utica Boilers TriFire Oil Fired Boiler
Some standard factory equipment that comes with the TriFire Oil Fired Boiler is the Powder Coated Steel jacket to help with the efficiency of the boiler. There is a lighted on and off switch, so you can see visible see the switch in case of an emergency. You will have an aquastat and boiler controls, a circulator control and a reversible dual hinged swing out burner door.

Some other features that come standard on the TriFire Oil Fired Boiler System are Flexible Oil Lines, Site Glass and Sample Port, making service easier than ever before. Plus a reversible swing door making installation as easy as 1-2-3. There are some features that must come with a boiler and there are others that are not necessary for the boiler to function. Options are created to help the boilers or other heating systems to work better. Boilers cannot come with every feature so the company has made some parts optional.

The Low Water Cut Off and the Manual Reset Switches are optional. Though they are optional they are great options to have. With the low water cut off switch, if your boiler runs low on water and you would really have no way to check unless you really pay attention to site glasses and gauges. The cut off switch will cut off the boiler and cease the boilers operation until the problem is corrected. The Quick Connect Harness, Knock Down Packing, Direct Vent Packing and you can have your choice of burner manufacturers, Riello and Beckett AFG. These are not necessary for your boiler to work but they help with the operation of the boiler as well as the installation of the boiler. The Warranty on the TriFire Oil Fired Boilers are 5 and 10 Year warranty along with a Comfort Plus Extended Parts and Labor warranty that Utica Boiler does offer their customers. Utica Boiler is all about quality products and services that have been around since 1928. The company is dedicated to bring you the very best products in the heating industry.


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