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Utica Boilers PEG-C Series Boiler Reviews


If you are looking to replace your old boiler system with a new more efficient model, try looking into the PEG-C Series Boiler from Utica. The PEG-C Series has an energy efficiency rating of 82%. This gas-fired steam boiler is available in 6 different sizes and the heating capacity of those models start at 90,000 to 243,000 BTUH’s per hour. When you purchase a PEG-C Series boiler they come fully assembled and pre-tested at the factory.Utica Boilers PEG-C Series Boiler Reviews

The PEG-C Series Boiler has a Cast Iron Boiler Assembly that is made up of push nipples and boiler sections. When the heater is lit, the push nipples increase making a watertight seal in the boiler sections, these will stop any water leaks that may occur. By creating the seal, the boiler sections and push nipples also increase the efficiency of the boiler. The PEG-C Series Boiler has some built in safety devices that will reassure customers how safe the Utica Boilers are. Some of these safety features are the low water cut off which will oversee the water monitor levels and will cut the boiler’s operation so no damage comes to the boiler. There are sight glasses accessible for monitoring the water levels of the boiler. Plus you will get two thermally activated sensors that will shut off the gas automatically incase the burners or the heat exchanger gets clogged.
Utica Boilers PEG-C Series Boiler
The Cabinet of the boiler is made with a solid steel material and it is coated with baked on enamel. The cabinet is fully insulated to keep the boiler temp low and to also keep your heating bill low as well. The boiler has a low draft hood, which allows the boiler to be installed into basements with low ceilings. Located inside the cabinet there is an integrated automatic vent damper that closes when the burner shuts off, this help keeps the heat inside the system and not out the venting system. Factory installed into the MGB is an automatic gas control system. Inside this system is a manual on and off switch, a dual automatic electric valve, a pilot filtration and a gas pressure regulation valve. You will also get a choice of Standing Pilot, which includes a Pilot Burner and a Thermocouple or an Electronic Ignition that includes an Intermittent Pilot Control, a Continuous Retry and a Combination Pilot Burner that has an Electrode and Flame Sensor.

The igniter is a spark igniter system that passes off positive ignition to the pilot burner with each operating cycle. This feature offers is when the pilot is kept off during the time when the boiler is cycling off. When you choose the MGB Series Boiler you are getting a quality product with top of the line components. Every boiler is tested and assembled before leaving the factory. The PEG-C Series Boiler is covered by Utica’s 10 Year Warranty for residential boilers. You can read all the warranty terms online on Utica’s website. When choosing a boiler for your home, you will want to choose the best boiler that has the best features and the best price.


  1. The safety release valve for myMGB1252 boiler released quite a large vlume of water last night. Afterwards, I held the trip lever full open for several seconds, releasing quite a bit more water. There is now a very slow drip continuing from valve. Should I hold the trip lever open for a longer period of time, or what else can be done to possibly stop this runoff?

    Thanks for your help.

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