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Trane XV95 Gas Furnace


Trane furnaces are one the best furnace systems in the heating and cooling industry. Trane XV95 Gas Furnace is one of the best in the Trane inventory. It has an Energy Star Rating of 97% A.F.U.E. If you see the blue Energy Star symbol you know the product has to be good. With the XV95 Gas Furnace you will get a more evenly distributed heat. With some other systems, you can end up with less efficiency and cold spots because the furnace cannot handle the heating system in place.Trane XV95 Gas Furnace

Due to the heat distribution, you can save a lot of money because you won’t be turning the heat on so much trying to even out the heat. You will start to see the savings almost immediately. The XV95 comes with a variable speed motor that can be adjusted to the speed that you want the desired temperature to be. In addition to the efficiency of the furnace, you will get a durable and reliable furnace. The materials used for the construction of the XV95 Gas Furnace are only the best quality materials. Every component is tested over and over to guarantee the system is perfect and running smooth before it gets to the public.
Trane XV95 Gas Furnace
All Trane Furnaces have their own CleanEffects System. This system offers an advanced filtration system that will remove more dust, allergens and pollens from the air. Using a Trane XV95 Gas Furnace will give you perfect heating in the winter and great cooling in the summer but cleaner air for those who suffer from respiratory problem, asthma or lung problems. Health conditions that can be avoided by using the XV95 Gas Furnace are Allergies, the Flu and even help alleviate the causes of Asthma attacks. When you are shopping for a furnace, you want to choose a company with a great reputation. Trane is unmatched in reputation, they not only provide a great product but it is well tested and will not be released to the public unless the furnace passes inspection.

To ensure that your Trane XV Gas Furnace lasts a long time. It is a good idea to have it inspected before the heating season and before the hot summer months. To ensure proper service, it is wise to use the same company that installed the furnace. They would be more familiar with the equipment and they would have a record of your service. If you choose another company for another reason, make sure that you keep a folder with the receipt and warranty of the furnace.

Then keep a maintenance log along with all of the manuals and instruction guides that the furnace comes with. The better you take care of the furnace the better it will work in the long run. If you wait until there is a problem rather than do a preventative maintenance you could end up spending a lot of money. Do yourself a favor and schedule a bi yearly maintenance for the furnace. You can avoid a lot of problems this way plus you can have a furnace that will last a long time.


  1. I just signed a contract with a company to install a trane xv95 furnace in my home. Sounded great at the time, now I am hearing negative reviews and horror stories of the furnace breaking down in the first year, bad parts, etc. etc. etc. I’d like to hear from anyone who has had this particular model installed and if they have had any problems. Thank you.

    • Diane,

      I had the Trane XV95 installed in October of 2010. I researched numerus furnaces and the Trane was the most expensive, but I did get the Federal Rebate that ended that year. We turned the furnace on on Sept 14, 2011 and the unit didn’t work. The repair man just left, and fixed the problem. We had moisture in the Heat Box (his term) that caused corrosion and plugging of the burner ports. Moisture/water is what killed our last two furnaces, so I’m not very pleased at the moment. The techniciam feels that the water came form the PVC Intake Pipe that draws in outside air. He inspected the pipe on the outside of the house and said they were installed properly and perhaps better (height) than they are required.
      I informed the techinician that I would wait a few days and call the salesperson who sold us the unit eleven months ago. I’m giving him time to contact Trane directly to find any history with this problem, and I expect answers from them next week. The heating season has arrived here in Wisconsin, and I’m hoping for a good response.

      • This is a follow-up comment from my reply a year ago.
        My local furnace contractor who has a good reputation came out for our yearly service. A year ago this Sept, the furnace wouldn’t fire because of oxidation in the heat box after one season of heating. The corrosion spot was only the size of a silver dollar, but it was enough the plug the center orfice on one of heaters. This year the corrosion is ten times what is was a year ago – a major concern. The local contractor (installer) took pictures and checked again the intake and exhaust piping to the outside of the house, and deemed it acceptable. Somehow, moisture is getting into the heat box area which is galvanized steel and should be stainless. They were good enough to add a bleed off port and tube on the PVC intake pipe prior to entering the heat box, so that moist air will hopefully be intercepted prior to reaching the heat box. I will keep an eye on this furnace as the third heating season begins. I would not purchase this furnace again in spite of the very good reviews I read about it two short years ago.

  2. Diana ~ I also just signed up for this beast from trane. The reviews on this two stage monster are all good. Tell your sales rep your concern; he should have detailed response as this is a common question. Trane is one of the best. The heater install company you picked should have a solid guarantee for the first year (or longer) covering parts and service; if not you went with the wrong firm. Your house is the investment; don’t skimp on saving a thousand bucks on a heating system. Stay far away from the ‘schmuck with a truck’ but go with a company that will provide 24/7 service. Good luck.

  3. My dealer–a reputable guy who has done my HVAC service for many years– has proposed a replacement of my 11-year-old SEER 10 builder-model Ruud with a Trane XV95, coupled with a XB14 A/c and a Clean Effects electronic filter. The latter is quoted separately at $1,100; what does the page above mean when it says “all Trane furnaces have their own “CleanEffects system”? Is that something different? I’m with Mike on the guarantee and the top-line dealer–that’s the answer to the horror stories, which usually are overblown to begin with.

    • Hi Bobby. I was in the market for a new furnace and instalation of a new central air unit. I had an HVAC specialist come to give me a quote and he suggested to same two units that you mentioned (Trane XV95 and the Trane XB14). I was wondering what was the price quote?? Thanks

      • Chris,
        Did you every get a price from Bobby on what he paid for his Trane system? What pricing did you get? I am being quoted a XV95 100,000 BTU furnace with a XL16i A/C unit and Clean Effect filter for $7500. after rebates. Let me know what you have on pricing.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I had the installation done a couple weeks ago. The installers did a beautiful job. Trane warranty on parts is 10 years and the company I used gave 3 years on labor too. The furnace kicked on for the first time this morning. I read all these posts about how loud this thing is. Hardly heard it at all. Compared to my old furnace that used to shake the bathroom floor every time it kicked on and rumble while it was running, this thing is a pussy cat. The furnace only ran for about 3 min then kicked off. I remember the installer explaining this to me, but I can’t remember what he told me. Stayed in Stage one. I have my fan on auto. It was also suggested that I leave the fan in ON position all the time. I may try this when it gets colder. I appreciate any comments anyone has. You folks are much more knowlegble about furnaces than me.

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  6. I am getting an xv95 100,000 btu furnace installed with lifts off the floor, two vents being run into the second floor of my home which will be covered to match my current walls, removal of my old furnace, no mess left when they finish every day, and parts and labor covered for ten years I will pay nothing for any problem and the furnace will be tuned up and cleaned by my furnace co every year I am paying $5,420 for everything I really like my furnace guy and I feel that’s a decent amnt to pay for everything

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