Lasko offers a thin line of portable home/office space heating units for drafty and chilly areas. They are a non-name brand unit but have above average results and reviews. These are there top two highly rated space heaters.Lasko Brand Space Heater LASKO 30″ Tall Digital Pedistool Heater w/Remote. This model operates off 1500 watts or 5118 BTU. This is a ceramic unit that contains a digital thermometer to prevent over heating, as well as an external thermometer for heat adjustment. It stands 30″ tall and about 12″ wide.

There is a small amount of set up required for the pedestal. Due to the pedestal design, this model may not be appropriate in homes with small children or animals. This model also includes a remote control that allows you to operate the unit from across the room. These are quiet and do their job heating up small to medium sized rooms. Many users who have purchased this model have often gone back to purchase more for their other rooms. Customer satisfaction is a big bonus on this model.
Lasko Brand Space Heater
The mid line model, Model 5367, will cost you about $40 from Target or other similar retail stores. This Lasko model heats up very quickly even if it hasn’t been heating for 24 hours. It takes about 12 seconds before you can feel heat radiating from the fan. The internal fan is audible, but no more so than a normal oscillating fans used in the summertime. It is not normally found to be disruptive for bedrooms or offices where extra noise is a concern. This model operates off 1500 watts or 5118 BTU. It is perfectly sized for the table or desk top, but can also be used to heat an entire room using the oscillating feature. It stands 17″ tall and about 7″ wide. Both of these heaters can be found at most big box retail stores and cost between $40 and $50. Lasko offers more models above and below those costs that can also be found at stores like Target and WalMart. We remind you to use proper precautions and common sense when you space heaters during the cold winter months!