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Top Three Solar Covers 2009


One of the best investments you can make if you are trying to save money this summer is by purchasing a solar cover. These blue covers look like bubble wrap but they keep your pool nice and warm. You can invest in a swimming pool heater but if you did a side-by-side comparison, a solar cover is more efficient in some ways and more cost effective. The solar covers are less expensive than heaters and there is no electricity to use, you are only using the power of the sun.
Top Three Solar Covers

There are no custom sizes; these solar covers come in a wide variety of standard covers. This will also save you money because there are no custom sizes. Solar covers are available for any size pool whether they are round, oval or rectangle. There are over sized covers available for those not so standard size swimming pools. Here are three solar covers that are well worth every penny that you spend.

Sam’s Club, yes this is the same Sam’s Club that offers bulk shopping. They have some pretty amazing inventory. They even have solar covers or solar blankets. The Round Pool Solar Blanket Item # 995389 is one of their best sellers. This solar blanket will increase the water temperature of the swimming pool with only the power of the sun. All swimming pools lose the heat at night but when you use the Sam’s Club round solar blanket, it reduces the amount of heat loss at night. The Sam’s Club Solar Blanket comes in 15 foot to 30 foot.
Solar Covers
There is a 2-year warranty on these covers. The price is reasonable, they cost about $ 93.00. Another company called In the Swim has an extensive line of solar covers. One of the most common is the 12 Mil. Solar Blanket for the In-Ground Swimming Pool. You get a durable and long lasting solar blanket when you get this cover. It has thousands of air bubbles that are designed to be insulators to be able to retain heat at night and it decreases evaporation of the pool water and the water’s chemicals.

By using the 12 Mil In-ground Solar Cover you are also saving at least 70% or more on your heating bills. These covers allow you to open your pool sooner and close it later. You can enjoy the swimming pool more by investing in a solar cover. The benefit of the solar blankets is that it will keep your swimming pool at least 10 degrees warmer than it would be if you left it uncovered. These blankets are made from a UV stabilized resin that will last you a long time. There are so many different sizes available from 12′ x 20′ starting at $ 46.99 to over sized sizes 30′ x 60′ at $ 539.99. These covers can be cut to get the exact fit to your swimming pool.

The In Ground Blue Solar Cover 12 Mil by the Aqua Superstore offers a 12 mil blanket that are filled with thermal bubbles that warm the pool during the day and prevent heat loss at night. These covers will not fade from the glare of the sunlight. The cover has a transparent look that helps the sun to reach your pool water directly. By using this solar cover you are warming up your pool by 15 degrees. There is a 5-year warranty on these covers and they cost about $ 240.00. What makes these solar covers so great is that they don’t require any electricity or power except for the sun. These covers will fit any size pool and most are sizable by cutting the excess cover off. They are less expensive than the regular swimming pool heaters and there is no maintenance. You can use them on above ground swimming pools too, they are compatible with any Doughboy Swimming Pool, Johnny Weissmuller or Cornelius Swimming Pools.

If you decide to invest in a solar cover, there are no weeks of waiting. You can go into your local swimming pool supply store and walk out with one the same day. If you order on line, you will have them in less than a week. Even though we are still in winter, now is the best time to buy these covers. There are plenty in stock and sometimes stores will increase the price in the warmer weather so now would be a great time to buy one.


  1. Can you get these in custom sizes to fit your pool to save money? I have a 21 by 32 rectangular swimming pool and I’m forced to buy the 30′ by 60′ which of course costs more.

    I didn’t know if someplace other Sam’s would offer this.

  2. Would I be able to run my pool pump while blanket is on pool, if I were to set our jets in a more downward direction. I have two skimmers in my pool. One on each end of the pool.

    Since pool is free form, I would need to cut allot. Would it be best to have my water level high or at normal hight.

    Thank you
    Jesse Revilla

  3. Jesse, yes, you can run the pump with it on. I have a clear one and it works great. The biggest issues are 1, they are very bulky. So I cut mine into 4 sliced sections along seams to make it easier. 2, it does reduce the filter cleaning a bit due to the water circulation being reduced some. But it’s not much. Put your water at normal height. It will work just fine. These covers are well worth the investment.

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