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Three Things To Know About Pool Water bags


If you own a swimming pool or just bought a house with a swimming pool then you might have ran across something called a “water bag” when you went to close your swimming pool. Water bags are exactly what they sound like, they are bags that you fill with water and then lay on top of your pool cover during the winter or off season to hold down the pool cover. There are however a few things you should know about water bags before you use them on your pool. If you have already been using water bags on your pool then you might already know how to use them.Three Things To Know About Pool Water bags

Here are three things you should know about water bags:

Water Bags Are Fragile:

Water bags are only made from plastic and they can be destroyed easily if you are not careful. Do not drag water bags on concrete because they will rip.
Single Chamber Water Bag
Water Bags Can Pop If Over Filled:

When water freezes it expands if your water bag is filled more then 3/4 of the way it could pop during the winter. When filling your water bags make sure to not overfill them.

Water Bags Come In Different Grades:

If your water bags have not been lasting to long, you can try buying a better grade of water bag. Water bags come in two different types of grades. Heavy duty water bags are twice the thickness of the standard water bag and can add a few extra years onto the life of the bag as well. You will commonly see the think water bags made from a black material Vs the standard blue material that most water bags are made from.

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