Have you ever walked into a swimming pool supply store and have taken a look at the chemical section? It is like a whose who of swimming pool chemicals all lined up to help you take care of your swimming pool. When we open up our swimming pools for the season we may notice that there is a lot of algae that has grown over the winter months. Now you are on a hunt to find the best algaecide that you can find.

The best way to pick and choose an algaecide product is to know what you are looking for. There are quite a few different types of algaecide but the two most common are the copper based products and the polyquat products. The difference is that the Copper based products are best for mustard algae and green algae. These Copper based products will not cause a foam build up in your pool like other types do. The downside is that they are effective but they may leave from stains on the floor or walls of the swimming pool. If you have a swimming pool that uses a biguanide based sanitizing chemical then it is not recommended that you use copper based products.

The polyquat products contain ammonia compounds rather than copper. These products attack algae in a different sort of way. Products that contain ammonia rather than copper are better and they will not stain your swimming pool. Here is a short list of Algaecide Products that may help you get rid of your algae.

Lo-Chlor’s Pool Algaecide

Lo-Chlor's Pool Algaecide
Some of the benefits if using Lo-Chlor’s Pool Algaecide is that they contain a one of a kind copper complex compound. This product is safe to use on all types of swimming pool surfaces. This product contains a non-staining formula unlike other copper based products that may cause stains. All you need is one dosage and the Lo-Chlor’s Pool Algaecide will last for up to 90 days.

Lo-Chlor’s Pool Algaecide is an effective way to getting rid of blue-green, black, pink and mustard algae. You can use this product with salt chlorine generators. Just one quart will treat about 20,000 gallons of water.

Sea Klear 3-Month Pool Algaecide

Sea Klear 3-Month Pool Algaecide
Sea Klear is one of the best brands in the swimming pool industry for water chemistry. The features of using Sea Klear 3 Month Pool Algaecide is that it will help keep your swimming pool water free of algae for three months. It can help you reduce the total cost of chemicals. Plus it works great for when you are opening or closing the swimming pool.

Coral Seas Yellow Out

Coral Seas Yellow Out
The benefit of using Yellow out is that is works fast and there is no brushing or scrubbing needed. This product works great in any gunite, vinyl and plaster swimming pool. There are no copper or silver compounds in the formula. Though Yellow Out claims not to be an algaecide its main function is to get rid of algae. Simply read and follow the directions on the bottle. Yellow Out works fast and leaves your swimming pool algae free. The only downside to using Yellow Out is that you have to run your filter for 24 hours at your first use of Yellow Out for it to work effectively. It is important that you follow the directions and do not use any extra Yellow Out than needed.

All of the products that we have listed here will work wonders for your swimming pool’s algae problem. Make sure that you read the bottles before using them to ensure that the product is safe your style swimming pool. You will want to make sure that you use the recommended dosage as well.

GLB Algimycin 2000

GLB is one of the most popular brands of pool products in the industry. They have an extensive line of products including Algaecides. Their standout product is called Algimycin 2000. The features of this product include that it is 100% effective against all different types of algae. It has a non-foaming formula and it will not irritate the skin. These products will not stain your swimming pool liner and this algaecide is the only one you will ever need. Follow the directions as they pertain to treating different types of algae.