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The Best Swimming Pool Lift Chairs 2009


Swimming Pools are designed with every type of swimmer in mind. Water is a great way to exercise either recreationally or for health reasons. Many people who need to swim or do some type of water exercises prefer to do them at home with some privacy. But sometimes people with health conditions cannot enter or exist the swimming pool like other people so they may need some help. That is where swimming pool lift chairs come into play.

There are swimming pool lift chairs for in-ground swimming pools and for above ground swimming pools. We have complied a list of swimming pool lift chairs that would be great assets with your backyard swimming pool. If you are looking to purchase one for the first time, it is important to not just read what these chairs have to offer but what kind of space you will need for installation. Buying a swimming pool lift chair is an important decision and you should do some research before deciding on a model.

Aquatic Access Swimming Pool Lift Chairs

Aquatic Access Swimming Pool Lift Chairs
The Aquatic Access Chairs are made for above ground swimming pools, they have a clearance of 60 inches. These automatic lift chairs have an assisted operation, a manual seat turn of a total 360 Degrees. The lift chair is actually operated by water pressure making it also eco friendly. This chair has a vertical lift with a vertical seat travel of 51 inches. These swimming pool lift chairs were designed for people who need help in and out of the swimming pool. The Models AG 48 and AG 72 are chairs that are designed above ground swimming pools only. There is a stainless steel plate at the top of the base where the chair can be anchored to the floor. These swimming pool lift chairs have a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Aquatic Access also sells in-ground swimming pool lift chairs, these chairs are designed with an automatic 180-degree clockwise seat and it is also powered by water pressure. The in-ground lift chairs by Aquatic Access are portable and they can be installed into any deck socket. All lifts come with safety belts and the weight capacities on the Aquatic Access Lift Chairs are 400 pounds.

Portable Pro Pool Lift Chair

The Portable Pro Pool Lift Chair is from a company called Pro Pool Lift. These swimming pool lift chairs are designed for in-ground swimming pools. The Portable Pro Lift is easy to transport to private swimming pools or public swimming pools. Some of the features of the Portable Pro Lift Chairs is that they have a 400-pound weigh capacity. These lift chairs are a made from a stainless steel construction and a durable epoxy coated finish. They come with a submersible remote control with a flip up footrest for security. The Portable Pro Pool Lift Chair runs on batteries so there are no electrical power cords to get in the way. The bets part of these chairs is that they are safe to use and made from high quality material. These chairs come with a wall mounted battery charger and you can take them anyplace.

EZ Pool Lift Chair

EZ Pool Lift Chair
The EZ Pool Lift Chair from Aqua Creek is less expensive than the other lift chairs we have profiled. These lift chairs work just as well as others can be used with in-ground swimming pools and a semi above ground swimming pool. These chairs have a weight capacity of 400 pounds. It is easy to carry and easy to set up. The lift is made from a high quality stainless steel construction and has a UV resistant powder coating finish. The sling is made from 100% polyester mesh material. These lifts are great for physical therapy and other aquatic purposes. Swimming Pool Lift Chairs come in many different styles; there are portable lifts and stationary lifts. All of the lifts we profiled operate on batteries or water pressure. There are no annoying hoses or cords to get the way. There are so many manufacturers that we offered just a few. You should do more extensive research when looking for a swimming pool lift chair. Find a local representative in your area and see if you can take a look at these lifts before buying.


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