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Swimming Pool Clarifiers Buyers Guide


Having the right amount of swimming pool chemicals in your swimming pool is very important. Everything from the right amount of chlorine, pH and clarifiers. But there are so many products on the market, how do you know which brand to use.Swimming Pool Clarifiers Buyers Guide Salesman in some places may try to sell you the most expensive brands but we can offer you a buyer’s guide of some of the top Clarifiers on the market. Having the right levels of chemicals can really save you money every summer.

Why not start with the right clarifiers? We will take a look into the HTH Super Concentrated Clarifier, DuPont 1 Gallon Pool Clarifier, GLB Natural Clear Pool Clarifier, In the Swim Clarifier and the AquaPill Swimming Pool Clarifier/ Flocculent. We will show you why these clarifiers are the best in the industry.

HTH Super Concentrated Clarifier

HTH Super Concentrated Clarifier
HTN has a great reputation for all swimming pool chemicals. Their products are all high quality products and high performance. One of the best chemicals in their product line is the HTH Super Concentrated Clarifier. This product is used to help swimming pool owners get the crystal clear swimming pool they dreamed of. Water often becomes cloudy by very small particles that your filter can’t catch. The use of a swimming pool clarifier can get the job done. The HTH Super Concentrated Clarifier will not work against the other chemicals in the swimming such as the pH or the chlorine. The normal dosage of the HTH Super Concentrated Clarifier is 1 ounce for every 6,000 gallons of swimming pool water on a weekly basis. If your swimming pool water is extremely cloudy then you need 1 ounce for every 3000 gallons of swimming pool water.

You will need to dilute the clarifier into a bucket of water from the swimming pool. Then you pour the combination around the edges of the swimming pool and then add some of the product and water mixture to the skimmers. You will have to run your swimming pool filters about 8 hours and then vacuum the pool. You will see a marked improvement. This product is reasonably priced at $10.90. You can find this product in your local swimming supply store and your local Walmart.

DuPont Swimming Pool Clarifier

DuPont Swimming Pool Clarifier
The DuPont 1 Gallon Pool Clarifier works to help clear up cloudy water as well as bring clarity like you are just filling it up for the first time. If you have a sand filter system then this product will work the best. This clarifier works best as a conditioner for water. This product is designed with a special formula that forms a coagulated suspended particles from the swimming pool water and that is how the water is kept clean.

This pool care system can be used at any time you start to see your water becoming cloudy. It is safe to use on any size swimming pool. This product is available at your local Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. For a gallon of this DuPont Pool Clarifier it costs about $ 22.98. Read the directions carefully before adding this product to your swimming pool.

GLB Natural Clear Pool Clarifier

GLB Natural Clear Pool Clarifier
GLB Natural Clear Pool Clarifier is a high performance clarifier made by one of the best companies in the swimming pool industry. This chemical is biodegradable water cleaner; it contains a new and improved enzyme formula that helps get rid of organic materials as well as bacteria and algae more effectively. Some of the great features of the GKB Natural Clear Pool Clarifier are that it will help get rid of odors that come from a dirty swimming pool and delivers a clean fresh smell. This clarifier is a high level sanitizer of up to 10 ppm, chlorine or bromine. This product can filter the water even with oils in the water that can build up and or clogging.

You can rest assured knowing that the GLB Natural Clear Pool Clarifier won’t affect the other chemicals in the swimming pool. This product is tested and meets all of the industry standards. The price for this Natural Clear Pool Clarifier is $25.99 and can be found in any local swimming pool supply store or your local retail Walmart stores.

In The Swim Clarifier

In The Swim Clarifier
In The Swim is one of the largest online swimming pool sites on the web. They have everything you need for your swimming pool and more. One of their premier products is the In The Swim Clarifier. This product works to bring the dirt, oil and other contaminants together so the filter can get rid of them. This is one of the fastest acting formulas of all clarifiers. The best part is that is 100% completely biodegradable. The In The Swim Clarifier works best on sand and cartridge filters. It is not recommended for use in DE Filters. To use the In The Swim Clarifier you follow the recommended dosage of 16 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water and a maintenance dosage of 4 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water. This swimming pool water clarifier will not affect chlorine or any of the pH levels in the swimming pool. Now you can have accurate readings and add the other chemicals appropriately. The In The Swim Clarifier can be found on the In The Swim website. It comes in three different sizes, the One Quart is priced at $ 14.99, and the 2-x 1/2 Gallon is priced at $55.99 and the 12 x 1 Quart is priced at $161.99.

Aquapill Swimming Pool Clarifier/Flocculent

Aquapill Swimming Pool Clarifier Flocculent
The Aquapill System is a popular swimming pool chemical system that is on the form of a pill that you simply place in the water and it disperses the chemicals throughout the swimming pool. Smartpool, the creator of the Aquapill designed this system to help get rid of cloudy water that is caused by small particles that the filter of the swimming pool cannot pick up.

By placing the Aquapill in the skimmer basket you are helping the clarifier clear up the swimming pool as well as bring together any of the missed particles and drawing them into the filter. The best part about the Aquapill is that there is no measuring; simply use one Aquapill Swimming Pool Clarifier/Flocculent for every 10,000 gallons of water. The Aquapill also works in saltwater too. You can find the Aquapill in local swimming supply stores. The price is about $6.99. But depending on where you shop you may find a different price. The Aquapill is tested and is guaranteed to work.

Keeping your swimming pool crystal clean doesn’t have to be hard work anymore. By keeping up with a weekly vacuuming and adding the right amount of chemicals can really help. Adding a weekly clarifying treatment can really help your swimming pool. By adding any of these great clarifier products, it is as easy as 1-2-3.

The HTH Super Concentrated Clarifier, The DuPont 1 Gallon Pool Clarifier, the GLB Natural Clear Pool Clarifier, In The Swim Clarifier and the Aquapill Swimming Pool Clarifier/ Flocculent are the top brands of swimming pool clarifiers. If you have never tried these products, you will be surprised at how much time they can save you from spending hours and hours on clearing up your swimming pool.


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