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Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets Buyers Guide


In order to have a great swimming pool season, it is very important to make sure that your pool has the right amount of chemicals and that includes chlorine. Thee are many ways to get the right amount of chlorine into the swimming pool. The swimming pool products companies like Hayward and Pentair are selling Salt/Chlorine Generators and others are using Liquid Chlorine. But there are still thousands of swimming pool owners who are using the old-fashioned chlorine tablets.Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets Buyers Guide

But which ones are good and which tablets are weaker than others. We have complied at list of Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets that are the most effective in helping keep up your levels of chlorine in the swimming pool. These tablets include Triple Action Chlorine, Water Warehouse Swimming Pool Chlorine, BioGuard 3 Silk Tablets, HTH Pace Dual Action 1″ Tabs and the HTH Pace Dual Action Chlorinating Tabs. Let’s take a look and see what each of these tablets has to offer in the way of efficiency and effectiveness.

The Triple Action Chlorine Super Skimmer Tabs from In The Swim will work hard to keep up your levels of chlorine as well as sanitize your swimming pool water and prevent algae. It is like getting three products in one. These tables are made from an advanced formula that has the power to sanitize with a patented triple action formula that cannot be found in other tablets. The Triple Action Chlorine Tablets are designed with the pool owners in mind. They are easy to use and you will have a crystal clear swimming pool if you make the effort to use these tablets. In The Swim uses a Power Crystal compounds which works in conjunction with a high quality and high performance 3″ tablets.

Nothing could be easier when it comes to adding the chlorine, simply drop the tablets in the skimmer basket or if you have an automatic feeder. Then let the chlorine do its job. Each tablets is about 7 ounces and they are actually slow dissolving tabs that makes for better water quality. These tablets are available in many different sizes. The 9 LB bucket is priced at $ 9.99 and the bucket size goes all the way up to 480 pounds.

Water Warehouse Swimming Pool Chlorine 3 in Tablets

Water Warehouse Swimming Pool Chlorine
Water Warehouse Swimming Pool Chlorine is created with a balance of 90% stabilized chlorine and 99% of active ingredients that will prevent algae as well as bacteria from forming. These tablets will not disintegrate with the sun’s light either. This style of chlorine tablets has a New E-Z Open Bucket that will reduce the odors that emit from other chlorine buckets.

These buckets are also child proof so you can avoid accidents from happening. The best part about these tablets is that they are individually wrapped for your protection. You can avoid having chlorine all over your hands just to keep your swimming pool healthy. Nothing could be easier than to place these tablets in the skimmer basket. These tablets are best used in skimmers where the piping to the pump is plastic. Otherwise floaters and chlorinators may be a better way to disperse these tablets.

These 3″ Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets are available from Water Warehouse online. Prices may vary depending on which size bucket you want. For example, the 10 pound bucket is priced at $ 49.99 and the sizes range from 25 pound buckets to 500 pounds. To get your price, Water Warehouse sets their prices per pound. The more you buy the cheaper it is per pound.

BioGuard 3″ Silk Pool Chlorine Tablets

BioGuard 3" Silk Pool Chlorine Tablets
Have you ever felt your skin after you are done swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool? It feels rough and dry but when you use the BioGuard 3 Silk Tablets you won’t believe you just swam in chlorine. The advantages of using this product are that it will make the water feel more silky and softer on your skin. This chlorine product will protect all of your swimming pool equipment such as your filter and pump from corrosion and rust.

This BioGuard 3 Silk Tablets will also reduce scale formation and kill any bacteria that form. This product has the BioGuard’s patented Sunshield Technology, this means that the tablets or sticks will be protected from the sunlight and this means a slower dissolving tablet. The slower the tablet the more stable the chlorine levels will be. These tablets are designed for in ground swimming pools and above ground swimming pools. The BioGuard 3 Silk Tablets Pool Chlorine are available on line, if you shop around you will be able to find a great price but the buckets are priced around $114.75. You may be able to find these buckets in your local swimming pool store but call ahead first and see if they can get it for you.

HTH Pace Dual Action 1″ Chlorinating Tabs

HTH Pace Dual Action 1" Chlorinating Tabs
The HTH Pace Dual Action 1″ Chlorinating Tabs is one from one of the most recognized names in the swimming pool chemical industry. HTH offers quality products and high performance chemicals. When you use the HTH Pace Dual Action 1″ Chlorinating Tabs, you will get a stabilizing chlorinator which offers perfect levels of chlorine after every use. This product will kill bacteria and algae as well as get rid of organic contaminants, which mean a healthy summer for your family.

This product is designed for above ground swimming pools only. The HTH Pace Dual Action 1″ Chlorinating Tablets are stabilized for long life of the chlorine and it is UV protected. This product is reasonably priced at $ 13.95. It is hard to find a better product than anything from HTH. They are one of the leading companies when it comes to pool sanitizing. They have a great reputation and these products are easy to find. If you go into your local swimming pool supply store you will find them. You will also find them in Walmart and home improvement stores.

HTH Pace Dual Action Chlorinating Tabs

HTH Pace Dual Action Chlorinating Tabs
Like the HTH Pace Dual Action 1″ Chlorinating Tabs, this product is a high performance and high quality product. These are 3″ tablets that are slow acting, which makes chlorine distribution for even. This product will help stabilize the chlorine in the swimming pool. It is made with the safety of the swimming pool owners in mind. It is made with a safe formula that won’t over cause itchy eyes.

This bucket is 15.75 pounds and it has 47% available chlorine. It is sun resistant for longer life. These tablets are 100% soluble and can last up to 3 days. They kill bacteria and will get rid of any germs and organic contaminants. You can find this product in your local swimming supply stores as well as local retail stores like Walmart. This 15.75 pound bucket is available for $75.59. In order to help keep your swimming pool safe this summer from red eyes irritated skin and green hair. These chlorine tablets when used properly can offer a safe and healthy summer for you and your swimming pool. But these tablets are only as good if you use them properly. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and follow a schedule that you will keep up with. These tablets are designed to help you keep your swimming pools crystal clear all summer long.

Some of these products may cost a bit more than you may have wanted to spend but companies like HTH and BioGuard are great companies with products that really work. Sometimes we have to put some money into the swimming pool so we don’t spend a lot of money on maintenance later. The money you spend on any of these chlorine tablets is worth every penny.


  1. I had purchased a 40 lb. HTH 3″ tabs late last summer, and kept container in my shed in Massachusetts over the winter. The tabs seem to have no punch, as well as not disolving well. Still have about 25 lbs. of useless chlorine.

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