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Splash Pool Pump Troubleshooting & Repair Guide


If you have a Pool Pump that has the label SPLASH on it then chances are that you have a Splash Pool Pump. These pumps are generally made for above ground swimming pools and do a good job until they break down like most pool pumps. But there is no need to worry, because if you are handy you can repair your pool pump once you troubleshoot what is wrong with it.

Water Is Leaking Between The Motor & Pump

If you are seeing water leaking out from between the pump motor and the pump housing then chances are the mechanical seal inside your pump has gone bad. The good news is that this seal can be replaced if you take apart the pump. The seal costs around $5.00 – $10.00 and can generally be replaced in a few hours with a basic set of hand tools. If the seal has gone bad on your Splash swimming pool pump you will want to stop running it as soon as possible and you will want to replace the seal.

Pump Makes A “Humming” Sound When Turned On

If your Splash pool pump is making a humming sound when you have just plugged it in then chances are the electrical motor could be seized up. This often happens when the pump is left outside or stored in a cool damp place. What happens is that surface rust will build up and then bond the motor armature to the motor windings and then the motor armature will not spin giving you that humming noise. To correct this problem you can take a hammer and tap the motor casing to free the surface rust.

See this video for more information on how you can get your humming pool pump running again.

My Pool Pump Is Humming

Splash Pool Pump Has No Suction

If your pump is loosing suction or has no suction at all then chances are your pump is sucking in air from either the drain plugs, the mechanical seal, the pump housing cover gasket or even the suction fitting on the from of the pump. You will want to check all of these to make sure that they are tight. If you find the suction fitting loose you will want to remove it and then wrap it with some Teflon tape and then spin it back into place. Pool pumps rather suck air then water, so if you pump has no suction then you need to find out where it is sucking in air.

Pump Flow Is Weak At Best

If you are starting to notice that the flow from your pump is slower then normal and you have already back washed your pool filter then you may want to check the basket strainer inside of the pump housing. Chances are that this basket is full of leaves, sticks and other debris. All you will need to do is to remove the pump housing cover and then pull out the basket and remove the debris from inside of the basket. When the basket is full it will restrict the flow of the pump.

Pump Is Making A Grinding & Screaming Sound

If your pump is making a grinding or screaming sound chances are the bearings inside of the motor have gone bad and will need to be replaced. You can replace the motor bearings if you remove the motor from the pump and then you take apart the motor. The motor has two bearings and they are around $12.99 each.


  1. This morning I noticed that my pool jets had no water pressure. I tried cleaning out the filters and and still it was not building up any pressure. I Googled and found this website. The info listed helped my find and fix the problem instead of having to call in a professional. On a side note, I am a stay at home mom. Thanks a bunch!!!

  2. Hi, my Hot Splash HS25 heat pump has the error message LTO on the screen, which having checked the manual, means low air temperature outside… The manual says the pump will start automatically when the outside air temperature is above 15 degrees, but it’s currently 18 degrees and rising… Any ideas why it’s not running? Many thanks.

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