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Slant Fin Galaxy GG Gas Fired Boilers Review


WeT HeaD KnowledgeNot only does Slant Fin manufacture baseboard heating but they have a full line of boilers as well. The Galaxy GG Gas Fired Boilers is one of their best boilers. The heating capacity of the GG Series Boiler ranges from 75,000 Btu’s per hour to 399,000 Btu’s per hour. They have 14 different capacities for both residential homes as well as some light commercial applications.

The GG Boilers were designed to be used on hot water systems, but other Galaxy Boiler Models GX-GXH and the GXHA Series are compatible with tankless coils for domestic water, steam and even low profile steam boilers. In the total Galaxy Series there are about 85 different boiler models to choose from. The Galaxy GG Series Boiler has a high-energy efficiency rating of 84.75%. These boilers will absolutely keep your heating bills low, if you are tired out paying more money every time you turn on your boiler, then it is time to check out the Galaxy GG Gas Fired Boilers. A contributing factor to this boilers efficiency is they have an advanced heat exchanger design. The heat exchanger will work to increase and reach its full potential in bringing you heat to the rooms and not through the window.

The Galaxy GG Gas Fired Boilers come equipped with some great features. One of those features is the Automatic and Motorized Vent Damper. These dampers will increase the energy efficiency of the boiler by decreasing the standby loss. When boilers are on standby, they lose some of the heat while the rooms are not getting any heat. With this system, when the boiler is off the motor will close the chimney vent and prevent any heat loss. Located inside the boiler are the burners that keep the boiler going. The burners in the Galaxy GG Series are made from stainless steel. They are lightweight and easy to put in to take out for maintenance. This system has a special port opening that will not allow the flame form the burner to flash back or lift.

Another contributing factor to the efficiency of the boiler is the Metal Push Nipples. All boilers that are made from cast iron from different boiler sections are brought together by these push nipples. When the boiler is lit, these nipples will expand and form a tight seal in the boiler sections, preventing heat loss and water in boiler. The base of the boiler is made with heavy gauge aluminum steel. Then the base is insulated with a thick refractory type of insulation that will enclose the combustion chamber allowing the heat to stay in the system. Slant Fin has installed an Energy Saving Intermittent Pilot. As the thermostat calls for heat, the igniter will spark to light the pilot, it is run on sensors and will only light the pilot when necessary. With all of these energy saving components, you are sure to keep the heat and the money from your heating bills.


  1. What should the pressure be on Slant/Fin Galaxy Boiler SN 531662 be? and what Temp range should it be. Right now the temp is being taken up to 190f.

  2. i have a galaxy gg-100 hep gas fired , model boiler. the boiler will go on & then shut off a couple mins.(2) later at most. the circulator does not go on. there is no power going to the circulator. the boiler is hot(100degrees) pressure is good. pipes are hot only up about to the ceiling (supply side only) return side is c

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