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AO Smith Burkay Genesis Boiler Review


AO Smith presents the Burkay Genesis Boiler for commercial properties. This boiler is a non-condensing boiler that offers the highest possible thermal rating for a non-condensing boiler. The Burkay Genesis Boiler System has 2 types, the GW Series Indoor Models; there are 5 models available. The Btu’s per hour range from 300,000 to 750,000. The GWO Series Outdoor Models have 5 models available and their Btu’s per hour also range from 300,000 to 750,000.AO Smith Burkay Genesis Boiler

These boilers are equipped with the patent pending EMC-5000 Energy Management Control System. This system includes controls with all boiler functions plus the boiler pumps’ operation and the main burner ignition. The system will bring exact temperature manage with one degree of accuracy. The EMC-5000 also includes a display panel that shows the current operating status of your boiler and it will display the fault readings in very simple instructions written in English and not in those very annoying codes that you have to look up if you want to see how your boiler is supposed to be operating.
AO Smith Burkay Genesis Boiler
You will also get help screens that can actually help techs setup the boiler and the program will also explain what the control options are and how to use them. For easier maintenance, there is a remote temperature sensor that when installed in the storage tank it will let the tank temperature to be set and monitored at the boiler itself.

The Genesis Commercial Boiler also has a Copper Finned Tube Heat Exchanger. These components are designed for extreme durability and it will make servicing these boilers less frustrating. The Copper that the heat exchanger is made with is a lightweight and it was designed that way so the boiler could be easily handled and also prevent total thermal shock. These boilers were created with a space saving design, they have smaller footprint designs unlike others boilers that have horizontal copper fin tubes. There is an option for a stack rack that will allow multiple boilers to be stacked vertically. The space saving design makes installation easy as well. The boiler system has a two-stage gas firing system design. It has Twin gas Valve firing system that will stop short cycling from occurring. It will also make certain the boilers continue to run at a smooth pace. This system also saves fuel and will save money in the long run.

The Burkay Genesis has some great features and some equally great options. If you want to add any of these options to your boiler package, let the salesman or someone in charge know that you want to improve your boilers’ operation with these additional components. You can choose from the New York Code of Requirements or the California Code of Requirements. You can option for an alarm bell that will sound if the boilers experiences any problems. You may choose an extended venting kit, perfect for hard to install system. If you want to see a complete list of options for the Burkay Genesis Commercial Boiler from AL Smith, check out their website.

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