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Rinnai RHFE-431WTA Wall Furnace


Rinnai was started in 1920 but the company did not start with heating systems until the 1930’s. Today, their products are known all over the world. They currently have training facilities in California, Texas and Florida. The comp0any provides products such as Tankless Water Heaters, Gas Fireplaces, Hydronic Air Handlers and Direct Vent Wall Furnaces. Rinnai offers safe and effective ways to heat your home as well as your hot water.Rinnai RHFE-431WTA Wall Furnace

Direct Vent Wall Furnaces are becoming a more popular way to heat your home. These units are designed with energy efficiency and high performance. These direct vent wall furnaces can be used with New Homes, Existing Homes, Apartments, Basements, Sunrooms, Vacation Homes and Basements. Some of the great advantages of using this system are that they offer an energy efficient and a cost effective way to heat your home by zone or by the whole house. The heat that comes from the furnace is used only when it is needed and when it is needed it will be circulated throughout the entire room so there will be no more cold spots. One of these Direct Vent Wall Furnaces is the Rinnai RHFE-431 WTA. Let’s take a look at some of the specifications and features of this unit.
Rinnai RHFE-431WTA Wall Furnace

Rinnai RHFE-431WTA Direct Vent Wall Furnace Features

One of the features of the RHFE-431WTA is the Smart Technology. This system was designed to monitor and adjust the constant heat that comes into the house or a specific zone. If you are looking for maximum usage you can adjust the heat output and the fans. Adjusting the system is simple; just choose one of the settings from the programmable settings on the thermostat. This unit comes with a self-diagnostic system that includes an error code indicator. This system will allow the homeowner to see how the system is being run and if there are any problems with the system, it will let you know. There is a sealed combustion system, which helps improve the air quality. The system was designed to be installed to monitor the room temperature from 2 inches off of the floor.

The response time of these direct vent wall furnaces is about 10 seconds. The heat that first comes up it will heat the room up with a low speed fan. The system was designed to be able to detect the temperature that changes in as little as half degrees. This will save you money on the energy bills. This system is also capable of locating cold air that may come into the room and dropped to the floor. The fan speed will increase if the room temperature setting is not met.

Rinnai RHFE-431WTA Direct Vent Wall Furnace Specifications

Some of the specifications of the RHFE-431WTA is the Gas Rate Input. Since this unit can be used with Natural Gas or Propane, the minimum input of this unit is 8,200 and the output is 6,640. The maximum output on the unit is 13,400 for both the Natural Gas and the Liquid Propane. You will have an AFUE rating of 80.8% for Natural Gas and 81.0% for Propane. There is a Fan CFM output of Low 110.5 and a High of 141.3.

The system as we mentioned earlier is a sealed combustion with stainless steel inshot burners. The ignition system is a direct spark. The minimum gas supply pressure is 3.5 inches for natural gas and 8 inches for propane. The maximum gas supply pressure for natural gas is 10.5 inches and for propane it is 13 inches. The Rinnai RHFE-431WTA offers temperature control, there is an electronic 7-day, 28 event programmable set back thermostat. It includes frost protection that can be set with a minimum room temperature. There is a temperature limiting program that will meet with the Inside Design Temperature Limits.

On the RHFE-431WTA offers a Linear Function Modulation that offers an accurate gas flow. There is a Negative Coefficient Thermistor that can pick up on any temperature change that happens within 1/2 a degree. This system is a quiet operation that will decrease the noise that occurs throughout the swept blades through a convection fan.The Rinnai RHFE-431WTA Direct Vent Wall Furnace offers so many great features and specifications that we cannot name them all. Rinnai offers a 10-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger for all residential installations. In addition to the 5 year warranty on parts and a 2 year warranty on labor. These units have long life expectancy and will continue to heat your home as long as you take care of the unit. Read all of the information given when it comes to a direct vent wall furnace. Installation is much more flexible and you will be able to save some space by not having to install this in the basement. There are accessories available and replacement parts available. Perform the necessary maintenance service when needed and your Rinnai RHFE-431WTA Direct Vent Wall Furnace will save you money almost right from the start.


  1. I have a Rinnai RHFE-431FAIII-N and need 40″ of air intake hose – can’t find matching hose locally. Can I order this from you (or from who)? The original installer for some reason used three sections of hose taped together with Duct Tape and I’d like a single piece to replace that cobble after installing a new rug under the heater.

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