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My Pool Water Is Cloudy


During the mid summer many people will experience cloudy water inside of their swimming pool and the good news is that there are some simple solutions to get that water nice and sparkling again.My Pool Water Is Cloudy

Check Your Total Dissolved Solids:

Often after shocking and adding tons of chemicals to your swimming pool in the opening season your pool water could be full of so many solids that it just won’t clear up. Using something like pool flock can help gather all this and pass it through the filter way faster. Pool Flock is a goop that helps collect all the fine and micro debris that are in the swimming pool water.

Adjusting Your Chlorine Level:

Often people have a green pool and just over shock it causing the algae to turn white instead of green and then their pool water will become cloudy. You will want to continue to run the filter and and back wash as needed. If you have a DE pool filter you will want to replace the DE powder after back washing.

Are You Back Washing That Swimming Pool Filter?

When the filter gets to a point where its to full to accept any more debris from the pool water it will be time to back wash the pool filter. Even though you just aback washed it 6 hours ago, you may need to backwash it again.

Check the above things I have mention and you should be able to get that pool water all nice and blue again. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


  1. Hi,
    In my pool the water is not so crystal clear. I wash my filter about every week and it runs daily from 9-5. Still when I use an Algae brush, a cloud of green dust will puff up which makes the water looks even worse. I have adjusted the chmicals and I do so weekly, but to no avail. I also have the Great White Vac cleaner running all day with the pump but it seems to do nothing much… How do I get sparkling clear water back again?

  2. I have a 4×20 round pool above ground.I have managed to put too much sanitizer in and have drained the water out and am now refilling it.I could use any help as to what chemicals to use on start up, and in what order.Do I wait till the pool is filled?I am forced to use well water,we are in the country.I also have installed a salt machine but havent used it yet.I want to start with chlorine and then when sucessful tackle the salt machine.I also have a dirt devil auto cleaner and I Installed a 2hp pump and eliminated the pump that came with the intex above ground pool.Thanking you in advance cliff

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