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RIDGID SF-2500 SuperFreeze


The Ridgid Tool Company has just released the new SuperFreeze pipe freezing unit. This unit is designed to freeze water lines from 1/2″ up to 2 1/2″. This pipe freezing unit will prevent those whole system shutdowns by creating ice plugs in the line. This pipe freezing machine will freeze the pipe within 5 minutes, and then they will stay frozen until you have fully repaired the pipe.RIDGID SF-2500 SuperFreeze

In many emergency plumbing repair situations you would have to shut the entire system down, then drain it. With the Ridgid superfreeze you just simply attach the unit which comes equipped with its own on board freezing unit. Now you might be asking yourself, where can I use this unit. The answer is everywhere. How about those 3am service calls that come in with a leaking 2″ copper pipe in a 30′ ceiling. You do not want to be cutting and sweating copper do you? With the Ridgid SuperFreeze Pipe freezing unit you just hook up the aluminum freeze heads and in less then five minutes.
RIDGID SuperFreeze
The other nice part about the Ridgid SuperFreeze 2500 is that the mini-refrigeration unit that is on board has 8 foot hoses that allow you to keep the unit on the ground making repairs easier and faster with less strain on the serviceman. This unit is sure to be a positive ROI on any plumbing, heating or mechanical companies truck. Just think of it this way, You get a call at 5am to repair a leak on a 1″ main line but they tell you they need it repaired now but they have no access to the main. If you have the Ridgid SuperFreeze then you do not have to worry because you can just freeze the pipe you need to work on and get the job done, no main shut off required! The SuperFreeeze is just a superior tool that is just a fine addition to the long and quality line of Ridgid tools that we all have grown to love and respect. Once again the Ridgid tool company stands out with great tools.

Some Common Questions & Answers:

Question: Does The Ridgid SuperFreeze SF-2500 use any hazardous refrigerants?

Answer: No, In fact it uses specially designed compressor with quick restart capabilities and overload protection.

Question: How Much Does This Unit Weight, Is It Portable ?

Answer: The unit only weighs 55lbs making it portable for any repair.

Question: DoesThis Product Have Some Sort Of Warranty?

Answer: Yes, In fact Like all RIDGID products, the SF-2500 SuperFreeze pipe freezing unit is backed by the RIDGID lifetime warranty, now that’s standing behind your name!

For additional information on the RIDGID SF-2500 SuperFreeze unit, please visit, call toll free: 1-800-769-7743, or contact RIDGID, 400 Clark St., Elyria, Ohio 44035 U.S.A.

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