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Price Pfister Shower & Tub Valve Buyers Guide


WeT HeaD KnowledgePrice Pfister is one of the most popular names in the plumbing fixture industry. They have a wide variety of products in their inventory. With such products as Kitchen and Bathroom fixtures. Many homeowners are trying to save as much money as they can, so buying new Price Pfister showers or tub faucets may not be in the budget right now. So most homeowners will replace the parts that need fixing themselves. It will save them money and you will have parts good as new. Price Pfister is one of those brands that have parts easily available to the public. You don’t have to be a professional in order to buy these parts.

One of the most commonly replaced parts of the shower and tub fixtures is the Shower and Tub Valves. We can offer you a buyers guide with some of the best Shower and Tub Valves. It can be confusing which valves are best to buy, which ones will last longer than the other and which valves will work best with your Price Pfister Shower and Tub. Take a look at some of the Price Pfister Shower & Tub Valves Buyers Guide and find the valve that best suits your shower. We will show you the Price Pfister Single Control Ceramic Disc Pressure Balance Valve With Stops, High Flow Rough In Only Roman Tub Valve with Adjustable Centers, 8 In Fixed Cast Brass Three Handle Valve Body and Pressure Balance Valve Less Stops.

Price Pfister Single Control Ceramic Disc Pressure Balance Valve With Stops

At Price Pfister they have all different styles of shower and tub fixtures. But they also offer some repair and replacement parts available for these fixtures so when the time comes, you will be able to get these products right away. The Price Pfister Model OX8-340A is available at Home Depot. It has a solid brass construction and a ceramic disc valving.

The Price Pfister Single Control Ceramic Disc Pressure Balance Valve With Stops is not ADA Complaint or Energy Star Compliant. The valve is 6.375 inches in depth and 2.75 inches in height. The unit itself weighs 2.92 pounds. You can find this valve at your local Home Depot location. You can find it in the Plumbing Department. Ask the salesman if you are having trouble finding the valve you are looking for.

You could shop around to other home improvement locations in case your local Home Depot doesn’t stock it. Contrary to popular belief not all name brand parts like Price Pfister are expensive. In fact the Price Pfister Single Control Ceramic Disc Pressure Balance Valve With Stops costs about $69.00.

Price Pfister High Flow Rough In Only Roman Tub Valve

The Price Pfister High Flow Rough In Only Roman Tub Valves have adjustable centers. They are made from a solid brass construction, making them strong and long lasting. They are designed with a 1/2″ inlet and outlet. Like the Single Control Pressure Balance Valve it has a ceramic disc valve. This product comes with a lifetime warranty.

The High Flow Rough In Only Roman Tub Valve is not ADA Compliant but it is still 100% durable and is built to last. This unit is rather small; it measures in an 1-inch in depth and 5 inches in height. But when the valve is assembled it weighs about 7 pounds. These parts are genuine Price Pfister parts.

Customers who have purchased the High Flow Rough In Only Roman Tub with Adjustable Centers have said that the parts were easy to install and the directions were helpful. There were no complaints about the product or the price. At Home Depot the High Flow Rough In Only Roman Tub Valve is affordably priced at $67.62. If the local Home Depot doesn’t have your valve you can log it onto the Price Pfister website and see where the nearest distributor is.

Price Pfister 8 Inch Fixed Cast Brass Three Handle Valve Body

Price Pfister ensures that all of their products have the right parts in the event that they need to be repaired. This Three Handle Valve Body is made from Cast Brass. The have a 1/2″ inlet and outlet with a ceramic disc valving. The Model Number 01-31XA and it can be found in the local Home Depot or you can check with your local plumbing supply houses. 8″ in length, the depth of 10.56 inches x 5.25 inches in height.

The Price Pfister 8 IN Fixed Cast Brass Three Handle Valve Body has 1/2″ union inlets X 1/2″ IP outlets with copper adapters and ceramic disc valves. This valve can be used on the shower or the tub. The Valve is not ADA Compliant or Energy Star Rated. These valves are genuine parts from Price Pfister. They are replacement parts and not generic parts from a company you never heard of.

Price Pfister Pressure Balance Valve Less Stops

The Price Pfister Pressure Balance Valve Less Stops is designed to help stop hot water from scalding as it comes through the faucet. This valve like the other valves we profiled contain a ceramic disc valve. It is made of a solid brass construction. Model OX8-310A uses universal fittings, perfect for Tub and Shower Applications.

The Price Pfister Pressure Balance Valve Less Stops comes with a dual 1/2″ IP or 1/2″ copper sweat connections, it has integral stops as well as a single control ceramic disc valve. The features of the Price Pfister Pressure Balance Valve Less Stops have back-to-back installations plus a plug for the shower only. The Model OX8-310A offers a diaphragm pressure balance valve a Pforever warranty and a Step By Step Installation manual.

The Price Pfister Pressure Balance Valve is for Rough In Dimensions. The rough in dimensions are 6-7/16 inches with integral stops, without stops the width is 3-5/8 inches and the outlet dimensions are 4-13/16 x 3-3/4″. The total weight of the unit is about 4 pounds. You can find the Pressure Balance Valve Less Stops at Home Depot or Amazon. They are priced at around $54.99 to $57.00.

Price Pfister has been in business for many years now. They have made a huge name for their company. Their inventory is large and diverse. All of their parts are made with strong, reliable and long lasting materials. They use innovative ideas as well as the most current technology available. One Price Pfister’s goal is to keep up with the ever changing styles and designs.

They have connected with KwikSet who is the leader in door hardware like keys. Together they improve on designs and keep with the times. Together they bring the most sleek yet modern and contemporary styles and that is why they are one of the leaders in the industry. Just as the company prides themselves on their fixtures they take equal pride in providing customers genuine Price Pfister Parts.

If you have a Price Pfister Shower and Tub fixture, rest assured that there are genuine parts available. You can find these parts at the Home Depot, Amazon or your local plumbing supply store. If you compare and shop around you can find better prices.


  1. please help me out.
    My product is Price Pfister tub/shower faucet
    I have a single handle shower and tub faucet ,that needs repair for drip,leaks. I took off ceramic knob,took off wall flange, screwed off locknut, but cannot pull the valve out. What could be wrong? maybe it was sweated to copper water intake line.

    Appreciate a reply, as I cannot get Help at hardware store.

    • Hi T

      Yes, The shower body will be either “sweated” to the copper water lines or somehow plumbed into the water lines using pex or some other type of pipe.

      Please let me know if you need more help,


  2. Tswift,
    reading you question i can only conclude that you are trying to take the whole valve out itself? If that is the case, then yes, the water lines are connected to where you can not take the valve out. The stem, or the part that the handle attaches to is the part you need to get out, not the whole vavle itself. MAKE SURE WATER IS OFF TO HOME!! Like it reads, if not, youll get flooded. You took the face plate,(the big metal disc, held with two screws) now you need to figure out how to get the stem out. There should be usually, some sort of collar on around the stem, the same color as the face plate, chrome or water ever. Take that off, and then see if there is a bigger nut that you are over looking to remove stem. Once you get the stem out, take it to your local harware store, and try and match it up. If they dont have it, maybe they can order it for you, or you could probably find one online. Hope this helps, but pictures could help me answer alot more for you.

  3. Sounds like Calcium is holding the assembly inside the housing. They make a penetrating oil that can be used that will help assist in removing this cartridge. As mentioned there’s possibly a bonnet nut that holds this cartridge assembly in place, and once removed should gain access to the parts you’re trying to replace.

  4. I think Dunbar is right. If this is a single handle vavle, it will either have a large bonnet nut under the handle assembly or it will have a plate held on with a few screws. After either the bonnet nut or the retaining plate is removed, the cartridge can be removed. Calcium deposits can be a big problem in getting some old cartridges out. You can try penetrating oil or maybe CLR to loosen it up. Sometimes a torch is needed to heat up the valve so the cartridge can be removed. This will ruin the cartridge but chances are it needs replacement if it’s dripping. Good luck.

  5. TSwift,
    Let’s be really careful how we proceed here!
    If you go too far the wrong way you will be needing a plumber to replace the whole valve!
    Go to the following link and use the pull down menus to get a parts diagram of your valve.
    Once you get that post back with a link to the parts webpage and we’ll help you get the parts you need and get it apart correctly.
    I believe if you can wait to cure the problem for a few days that you have a lifetime guarantee on the valve and Price pfister will send you the parts for free.

    Price Pfister
    Consumer Service Department:
    7:30am to 4:00pm PST, Mon-Sat
    1-800-PFAUCET (1-800-732-8238)

  6. As Dunbar plumbing suggested, you are going to want to use CLR or something similar to loosen up the deposits. It may be a good idea to hire a professional if you feel uneasy about doing the job.

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